Women drivers...

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  1. Need to have their licences taken away.
    ALL of us know that a monkey on PCP can drive better than a female
    not 30 minutes ago a woman totaled her car right in front of my house
    the big BOOM woke me up from a cool dream where I bought shrooms at CVS
    excuse my rant, but I just got woken up at 9 in the fuck morning
    I dont feel safe on the road knowing these creatures are allowed to operate a 2000lb bullet
    it seems everytime I drive I see like 5 examples why women shouldn't be allowed to drive
    I need to get a camera, cuz it would be some great educational footage
    dont tell me im the only one that feels this way
  2. Alot of people can't drive and I hate it. Simple coordination and common sense.. is what alot of people lack.
  3. not this again :rolleyes:

    statistically men get in more accidents

  4. Yep! And the men wonder why we pay less for insurance :rolleyes:
  5. In the last week or so on the road I have seen:

    A guy almost crash into me cutting into a filter lane at high speed where traffic was slowing down,

    Someone going round a roundabout the wrong way, almost hitting me

    Two cars abreast coming out of a single lane junction, again one almost crashing into me,

    Some guy doing 30mph in reverse up the main road almost hitting me,

    Someone cutting in and out of 'stay in lane' lanes at 100+


    People who can't stay in lane in a two lane turn, being almost hit again.

    And incidently, some kid playing chicken, who ran out infront of me and lay down in the middle of the road.

    Almost all the incidents were men, my reasoning goes men are more impatient, and so do the more irrisponsable things
  6. actually it used to be men with more accidents but recently the tables have turned
    plus 70% of those accidents were indirectly caused by women
    and 30% were accidents DIRECTLY caused by women.
    "dont fight it, its science" Ron Burgandy
    like yesterday I saw someone turn thier signal to move to the left lane, so I sped up to get past this fucking moron, and what happens next???
    the stoopid bitch almost kills me making a right instead of a left
    If I had a nickel for evertime a bitch almost killed me, I would fix the economy

  7. Where are you getting these statistics?
  8. a little bird told me

  9. Okay...that explains it :rolleyes:
  10. Maybe you should read up on it...Penelope will point you in the right direction...lol
  11. I won't lie..

    Last time I was driving a car (illegaly no license nor permit... yet) we were street racing.. Guess who won? A girl..

  12. That's the most disrespecting and sexist thing i have ever heard.

    Sorry man -rep.
  13. men cause accidents by driving way too recklessly and being too confident

    women cause accidents by doing the most random shit and not paying attention

    those are the facts
  14. this.
  15. wow...u better get ready to get a bunch of shit from the women on gc...but haha i chuckled...but its fucked up
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    Well man i see the most accendents are by men or even the deadliest, a lil scartch while parking from a woman is better then blowing up and killing a few by man.

    its just some women are really slow in driving, they drive how they walk as women thats all.

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