Women confuse me.

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  1. like ok.....theres all these hoes in my area looking all slutty and shit so then.....when a group of dudes are like daaaam bitch u finee let me rub my nuts on yo face or some shit like that they get all mad and be like "all guys are the same" "i want men to respect me" but then if your nice to them and "respect" them they put you in the friendzone...wtf is up with these hoes.
  2. Welcome to the club.
  3. Seriously though, maybe try less thugish language?
  4. Welcome to every nice guy ever's perpetual nightmare man. Your post has been said many times in many ways in many different languages.

  5. Regardless of dress or appearance. No self-respecting female is going to submit to someone harassing them in negrospeak, attempting to rape them with their eyes and potentially later hands and body? Especially Trayvon on the spot with his pecker in his hands.

    A quiet smarmy confidence and politesse will get you what you seek, so drop the act and clean yourself up.
  6. Then stop going after the slutty ones. *gasp* What a concept!

    But seriously, there are decent girls. They just might not be as attractive as you want them to be.
  7. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8K1KHqi9bXc&feature=youtube_gdata_player[/ame]
  8. You seem to have this ridiculous idea that women will automatically like you, if you just change your behavior to 'trick' them... sorry bub, but this is the real world.

    If they aren't into you, then there's not a whole lot you can do about it. Being an ass isn't going to score you any favors, and being polite and cool, helps, but even that can only get you so far.

    If women just aren't interested, you'll either piss them off if you're too forward, or you'll be happily befriended (or politely turned down) if you're a decent human being.... that is, UNTIL you find a lady that actually digs you.

    Just don't forget that the wrong attitude, is still often more than enough to push the right lady away, even if she may have liked you otherwise.

    But in all seriousness... how is this challenging to comprehend?

    Hopefully you're not that much of a narcissist, that even after being repeatedly turned down, you still have this idea that all women *should* love you. Seems pretty obvious what's going on, doesn't it? :p
  9. But narcissism is all the rage these days!
  10. see...the thing is you are all assuming that i am the one going after the slutty ones or i am being ghetto? if that's what you two up there are implying but i'm not i use the word "bitches hoes sluts" to describe them to the best way i can because thats what i see them as......i am just asking a question as to why the females put nice dudes in the friendzone and why they claim to want respect when they dress in a slutty/hoeish/bitch way was my original post too hard to comprehend?
  11. I don't even know if Barney could pull that one off.

    Challenge accepted.

  12. looks dont matter alot lol a 10/10 for me is zooey deschanel thats including personality.
  13. bitches be craaazy.
    no not really we want guys to let us know they like us with out saying anything like what you wrote above, thats what we mean by "respect"
  14. Blehh. Girls have answered this over and over on here before. Girls want those asshole types. Women want a nice guy. Also just because a guy treats a girl nice doesn't mean she has to like him... people like who they like. And I don't even know why you're worried about these "hoes".. there are women out there who don't dress and act slutty. I don't even know why what hoes do would bother you.

    And guys do the same thing all the time. They get with bitchy girls who treat them like shit and always argue with them. And they act like puppy dogs following them around doing whatever they want. Then wehn they get with a sweet girl who doesn't argue and treats them great they treat her like shit. Or just hit it and quit it.
  15. but shestones... "finding a nice girl is too difficult, id rather go after a hot chick who is shallow and full of herself..."

  16. i have respected women and then they put me in the friendzone...and then i stopped talking to them then they date like 50000000 douche bags and try to come back and talk to me when they're pregnant.

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