Women at bars/clubs whatever, read it.

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  1. Agreed completely. Ive actually half-jokingly asked chicks to buy me something in the same way they do and it worked. Im pretty good with chicks though cuz its easy in high school, but yeah I hate the females who expect you to spend hard earney money on them.
  2. i cant even pay for my own drink yous have to mean soemthing to me for me to buy u 1
  3. Lol most girls should read that
  4. That was a good read. I can understand where the dude's coming from.
  5. yeah its unfortunate most girls wont haha. it should be psoted at every club/bar/party(if you have like a bartender or some shit)
  6. Yeah I've only bought a handful of girls drinks in my entire life, maybe less than 5. I will only buy one when they score enough to cool points to warrant one, then I will buy it.
  7. hell yeah i hope every woman reads that .:smoking:
  8. meh, buying girls drinks has always worked for me lolol
  9. I dont spend much time in clubs and pubs really but allot at illegal raves/events or house parties etc. so i usually bring my own booze. Hate it when you get women hounding on you for one of your beers "come on youve got so many" or wanting "just a sip" or you gin.

    FUCK THAT get your own drink
  10. Definitely a good post.

    itbeatsdointhat... you missed the point. Girls with self respect sleep with guys for buying them alcohol, it really makes them no better than prostitutes. Ask a girl to sleep with you for thirty bucks... now go buy her a fifth of her favorite and try and get in her pants.

    See which one gets you laid.
  11. I have mixed feelings about guys buying me drinks at the bar. On the one hand a lot of the time it feels like I'm being pressured with a drink - like take this and then you'll have to stay and consider sleeping with me Muahahahaha!

    On the other hand though, there's something very chivalrous and attractive about a guy who buys you a drink. It does show that the guy thinks your worth a little extra effort. Think of it like a more trashy version of a guy penguin bringing the girl penguin he likes a pebble. It's a polite way to signal interest. That being said other more creative methods could be substituted for the same effect.

    A guy buying me a drink is never going to be enough to get be to sleep with him. But him not buying me a drink? Well depending on the context that might be enough for me to consider him not worth my time. I mean... if I'm not worth a beer...

  12. If a guy asked you to buy him a drink, what would you say?

    Would you consider yourself not worthy of his time?

  13. Not at all. If I really was into him and he asked I probably would. It'd be kind of cute/original actually.
  14. absolutely fake. he makes a valid point, but it was way too formulaic to be real.

    a dog named Charlie? get the fuck out of here.
  15. I know a lot of you boys are looking for the sex. I also know that some of you (you can all pretend that's you if you know it's not) are sincerely this guy. I ALSO know that straight chicks are total bitches.

    I'm so sorry for you guys. I say the same thing to straight girls because straight people obviously drive each other nutz but are hopelessly attracted. I've experienced "bisexual" (I use the term lightly) bitches who pull this kind of shit and I know what it's like. This was well written.

    Men will always be men. And those straight prissy stuck up bitches will always be so. I say to the straighties in the crowd, good luck. I'm gonna go back to enjoying my girl friend our wonderfully gay world. ;)
  16. How is it fake....

    I liked it tho he speaks the truth
  17. hell yes. for whatever reason people say chivalry is dead, i say it was women that killed it.
  18. WTF?

    This has nothing to do with being gay or straight...

    What people should take from that post was don't pick up guys/gals at the bars or clubs. Simple as that and I think it's safe to say that anyone who is single and going out is looking to get some, regardless if they are gay or straight. Just because you are gay doesn't mean you aren't a bitch.

    So you have fun thinking your above all this bullshit cause one day you're in for a nice shock.

  19. Or maybe it just became less popular due to general culture shift like a lot of our more formal manners. Don't be so quick to jump in, guns blazing at the opposite sex! We're hardly your enemies.

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