Women are MOST Sexually Aroused…

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Women, not girls, are SEXUALLY Aroused during...

  1. A. Premenstrual

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  2. B. Postmenstrual

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  3. C. During The Cycle

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  4. D. ALL The Time (pre, post, and during cycle)

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  5. E. She/I'm Frigid, on medication that reduces libido

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  6. F. Don't know. I'm a Man/Gay/Never had a real woman.

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  1. Some guys think that ALL women are the same… hence I want to show some of the guys that we are different, in our level and time of sexual arousal.

    A. Premenstrual

    B. Postmenstrual

    C. During the Cycle

    D. All the time (pre, post, and during cycle)

    E. She/I\'m frigid

    F. Don\'t know. I\'m a man/Gay/never had a real woman.
  2. JESUS. you are out of the loop arent you den. man, girl, shim, I feel sorry for you, of your posts and what youve said, Ive trrrrriied to somehow connect with you, espeically one as a woman...but...JESUS...i wonder...what did you vote on this poll...when, IF, are you, lol, aroused...SEEING THAT I, am in fact, GAY, I, by choice on this poll (which I didnt vote, due to the circumstances) VERY well know that girls IVE happily been with are very aroused all the live long day theyve been with me...its all about the touch................................................................................................................in the erogenous zone.
  3. You posted in the wrong thread babe... I got the idea from another thread...

    Someone said they get aroused during ovulation/Premenstrual... and someone else said she gets aroused during her cycle... I was talking girl talk to a friend and the assumption was made that ALL women get aroused during their cycle.

    Being a lesbian has nut\'n to do with the question, as some menstruate too. ;)

    About the zone.... it\'s not all in the touch, it has to do with the area that\'s touched. I don\'t get aroused when he touches my nose :p
  4. Sometimes my nose gets aroused when touched by my ear
  5. whenever i walk into the room...

    anywho...GET UP OFF SENSI!!



  6. and then..?
  7. and then, arousal has nothing to do with what time of the month it is...but the mindset that you put yourself in, or the mindset that another puts you in..and ..like you said...where AND how your touched.
  8. den can bite me
  9. oh and well I find myself more horny right before the good ol cycle
  10. Women have more fun during sex and it feels better for them. Everyone do this, take your finger, stick it in your ear and wiggle it around. What feels better your finger or your ear?
  11. I think that most women who enjoy sex just need their partner to give them a decent amount of foreplay. To me it doesn\'t matter what time of the month it is except during \"blood week\" as long as you don\'t just reach between the legs right away and think thats gonna do it. What I like is like kissing all over especially like the neck,tits,ears before you try to dive into the goods. My boyfriend just can\'t seem to get that and I\'ve told him many times. Look at it like this: a woman is like an electric oven and it takes her awhile to get warmed up-men are like a gas oven-they get hot right away. I think thats how the saying goes-I\'m messed up right now but I think I know what I\'m talking about.
  12. women are the MOST sexually aroused during multiple simultaneous(clitor and g-spot) orgasms

  13. i do that.

    i mean... take my time, and not go straight in for the kill :p

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