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Women are legal..why aint pot?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smokie McBlunts, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. I say that a woman can be worse for you than weed anyday given a certain kind of woman (which unfortunatly is the main population of women) I mean... they say weed kills brain cells... i hear it doesnt even... u think women dont kill ur brain cells? How many ppl kill themselvs because they're bong cheated on em? How many times does your weed leave you for another man? I mean really look at it... how many times does weed get pissed off at you cuz your not in a good mood when they call? I can't remember ever having to worry about my pot gettin pregnant... and I cant say that it ever had me worried to the point i had to go to a clinic and get my shit checked out... so whats the deal here? Why is pot illegal?!~?!?!

    Sorry just a very NON stoned rant :( and also sorta Bitter and im sure u guys can take a wild stab at why... i'd like to take some wild stabs at someone... eh.. ah well shit happens right :p
  2. Ah by the way ladies i was only kidding in truth... heh i'm a stand up type joker ya know... i hope i didnt offend anyone

    if i did u can make a men are legal why aint pot thread :p
  3. I'll let you slide this time but only cause you posted again and was all sweet about it. ;)

    I'm sorry that you're dealing with chick shit. Girls can be bitches sometimes and some are bitches 24/7. However, there are some of us who are rarely ever like that. ;)

    So, I also ask (for Smokie McB)...we're legal, why isn't weed???????
  4. :) yeah... its not girl problems actually.. its Missi problems.. its just one of them situations were u've been in love with the girl for.. well since the first time i fell in love when i was like 14... and i can't very well just say hit the road (we're not even like together) hehe But ur right,...everyone of my female friends, are the perfect type of girls... n the girls i chose to be with, must hate me :p
  5. Dude, I hear you. My female friends are all practically my dream girls... well, except the ones who don't smoke up, but that can change... Regardless, they all pull the "you're too good of a friend" bullshit on me. Some woman out there, explain this one to us guys!
  6. hehe, if someone would explain to us guys women... i think the universe would implode... its just not somethinm we're ment to understand. Thats why God gave us weed :)

    And you know.. i bet womenthink the exact same thing about guys.. that we're confusing and pointless... :p
  7. if woman where illigal, i kill my self G.. Nothing more beautiful, then a lady presence......

  8. very true.

  9. rock, Shade!!! :)
  10. gunna have to agree with shade on that one... girls... cant live with um, cant live without um

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