Women and weed. can it work?

Discussion in 'General' started by Moscow, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. ok, so i'm not going to brag, but i have been pretty successful with women, i'm not usually shy or anything, and i can spit the game pretty well.

    but.. it was this past saturday (7/21) and i was at a party. some people had made brownies and were getting stoned as can be. there were people there that dont smoke weed, so it was jsut a group thing with the brownies.

    well i had about half a brownie of some well-made brownies and i was pretty stoned. i hadnt smoked any to add to the effect and i was the deignated driver, so i wasn't drinking.

    now dont get me wrong, i dont need alcohol or drugs to work up the courage to approach women. i am more loose while drunk, but thtas how everyone is.

    the point is that i wasn't stoned where i was completely dumb, but i couldnt go talk to this chick i was eyeing down. i was familiar with a ton of people at the party, and this brunette i was after came with another chick i was friends with a while back, but sort of lost touch with.

    has anyone ever had this happen to them? could it have been because of the brownie that i didnt have the balls talk to some one that I knew for many years, and her friend?

    im jsut dumbfounded
  2. I don't know man. Maybe it was the brownie, or maybe you where just a little nervous to go talk to the chick you haven't seen in awhile. I'm acutally kind of shy when it comes to women, when I'm high I get nervous and think about everything, but if I get a couple beers in me I can spit some pretty descent game.
  3. Back when I didn't have a girl, I could be stoned and talk to anyone. Just say fuck it, and talk to her, it's really not a big deal, theres other women out there, and plenty of them.

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