Women and their mixed signals

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  1. Whats up with that?

    You know, one minute they seem to like you. The next they seem to despise you.
    Why cant they make a belt ot something that vocalizes what a woman feels?

    Why are women so confusing?
  2. Its called "push pull" bro.
  3. Because they can. They have what we want and they know it.

  4. If you let them know it that is. Throw mixed signals back at her. she pushes you pull. You push she pulls. Always do it in a joking way though and dont push on topics she is sensitive to like if she is shy dont bring it up make her out to be very open. and push on how open she is or something.
  5. I'm pretty sure women know that guys want pussy if they're in a relationship or on a date. That's what my reply was directed towards.
  6. mixed signals only happen when the guy isn't direct.

    if u stay direct all the time you'll know right away if the girl is down or not...
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    I disagree. Both parties must be direct in order to avoid mixed signals.

    Whats the point of having one side direct and the other is sending mixed signals.... Doesnt work.
  8. Women are wired to follow the lead of a man. In any situation, if there's a man and a woman and the man takes control, the woman will follow.

    If you're direct with what you want, either:

    A. You'll get what you want
    B. She'll dislike you

    That's usually the outcome. I've had situations where the girl was down a few times, but then she must've felt guilty and quit.
  9. Women want men to 'chase' them if you know what I mean? We want to feel wanted. Women connect emotionally to men through communication, while men connect through sex. Being honest, trustworthy, and upfront is a number one rule in my marriage.
  10. Because my gender is emotional and emotion is the opposite of logic. We don't always make sense. And frankly we don't care 'cause InterceptorP71 is right, supply and demand good sir.

  11. i said that if the guy is direct, the girl wont give mixed signals.

    if a guy asks a girl out when he wants, makes a move on her when he wants and makes direct comments(ur beautiful, i wanna see u again, etc) the girl wont give out mixed signals. she'll either go with it or be like whoa back off i dont want this lets stay friends or something like that

    just my opinion though man, u dont have to agree with it
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  13. This wasnt nothing about sex.
    Just this chick at this job is weird. One second she'll talk to me and seem nice, the next she'll ignore me and wont even acknowledge when i say something.
    Its confusing as heck.
  14. You boys are being selfish and self centered. Try to think like a girl. If a guy has a bad sexual experience, he can just walk away. If a girl has a bad sexual experience it can ruin her whole LIFE.

    Have you considered women's behavior in terms of psychological defense mechanisms? You haven't right? Every time a guy goes up to her, a girl needs to decide on the spot (subconsciously) if this guy will ruin her life or not. Only when a girl feels a certain level of comfort AND interest can courting actually begin.

    The game is linear. Each level there is a boss you must defeat. You can't get to level 2 without beating level 1. There are no shortcuts. When you get to the end, you will have won her. And you win the game.

    Girls test you. And test you. And test you. Because it's crucial to their evolutionary survival. Are you good enough? Can you protect her? And her young? No? Then get the fuck away (girls, polite creatures that they are, usually say this nicely). There's a reason why girls gravitate towards guys who are very experienced with women. Because we know the tests and how to pass the. The tests show that we are true men. These men may not be the greatest guys, but they are leaders and will generally keep their women fed and their young protected and educated.

    The stakes might not be this high IRL for people young as you, but this is what's going on "behind the scenes" in both of your subconscious brains. Stop fighting the game and start playing by it's rules OP

  15. Both sexes play games, especially when they're young.

    I am a blatant kind of girl, but sometimes my emotions get in the way and make me seem like I don't care, but i'll be honest about how i feel.
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    If you wanna make this a game.
    Girls can in fact be just like video games.
    And there are short cuts.
    Theres a well known cheat code to skip levels. Its called "diamonds". Lol.

    7 out of 10 times, when a girl is under 30, none of the things you said will enter her mind when approached by a guy. It will most likely come down to looks in this day and age.
    Other times it will be personality.
    If the guy is good looking, most girls would choose him over a nome good looking guy in a heartbeat.

    Ive actually seen it many times.
    2 guys want the same girl.
    One is good looking, just a playboy.
    The other isnt as good looking, but hes as sweet as a barrel of sugar.
    The girl chooses the good looking guy before even thinking of giving the other guy a chance.

    But then you have those special girls who run on personality. Which are uncommon these days. But theyre out there.

    And then you have ye olde golddiggers. Which need no explenation. Lol.

    Either way.

    Women are weird.
  17. Your mission is futile.

    Does not compute.

  18. Uhm, ever heard of child support? I can barely afford to keep myself in the weed that keeps me sane. A child could easily ruin my life at the moment. So glad the girl I'm dating has an IUD.
  19. Those can fail. So what are YOU doing to protect yourself from having a child?

  20. Sorry i think we were talking about different games. I'm talking bout "love". ur talking about "like." "Like" is what gets you in bed. "Love" is what keeps you there. If you think girls are secretly looking for "likers" and not "lovers," then go on keep thinking that. LoL...

    If you think there are cheat codes and that diamonds and looks are "determining" factors, then you're playing a dumber version of a better game AND you talk about women under 30? What about all the women over 30. Please enlighten us about them. I've dated over 30. Multiple times. Have you?

    Stealing girls from good looking guys is one of the most fun games there is. But i'm good looking so i have to disguise myself. Fake mustache, tell them i drive a sky blue 1987 Chevy Nova and all that, just for the challenge! :D

    Sorry man. You're on level 1. Still. Keep playing though. You'll get there.


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