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  1. Is it normal for most women to be highly unattractive without make up on? Recently my fiance has pretty much not worried about using much if any, as if she doesn't need to, and let me say, she needs to. I'm beginning to find myself not so attracted to her at the moment. Any other ppl experience this? I know I've seen a couple girls before without makeup on, but it's been so long I can't remember if they were attractive at all or not.
  2. You've only seen a couple of girls without make-up? You might want to get out more.

    It depends on what you like, I guess. I think all women look better without make-up, but I'm not a guy.
  3. I think it depends on the girl. My ex didn't look that great without make-up, but others probably don't use it very often and you can never tell.

    In general I feel women look better with makeup. I mean they don't have to go nuts with it, but once again it depends on the girl. If it's a concern that she's not wearing any, you should talk to her about it.
  4. :hello:
    I love girls without makeup, but I'll take your word on your fiance.
  5. LOL if you think your fiance needs makeup maybe you should reconsider having her be your fiance eh?
  6. lol thats kinda fucked up but at least hes honest :hello:
  7. Girls look great with makeup but in my books its not needed at all. I take you for who you are :)
  8. Uh...it depends on how good looking the girl is...
    If she's your fiance then damn, that kinda took you a while right?
    Don't take things any further if you're feeling this way!

    Most of my girlfriends hardly wear any makeup- I think it depends on whether you need it or not, and your self-esteem.
  9. i don't necessarily think that women look "better" with make up on.
    as far as i've ever seen, most chicks look drastically different without it.
    its really just a different kind of beauty.

    i hope that made sense, lol.
  10. I think it depends on the girl, I mean there are some girls who dont even need to wear makeup at all and still look amazing but theres also the girls that wear shittons of makeup to the point where you could go to sleep next to one one night and then in the morning your like WHAT THE FUCK and the girl looks totally different without makeup. The worst was when I was at work one time and this girl gave me a hug and when she left I noticed my shirt had makeup all over it from her face.. lol

    OP did you never see your fiancee without makeup?
  11. its incredible attractive when girl can look sexy//cute (or both) without using make up
  12. girls who are ugly without makeup are ugly.
  13. Welcome to life, not everyone is dealt the same hand of perfect genetics.
  14. All women are beautiful in their own way.

    Make-up should not dramitically change the way she looks. I don't wear make-up often but when I do it is just to enhance my eyes or lips. Usually when going out.
  15. Well wouldn't the genetics change themselves if women stopped using makeup?

    I love girls who look pretty with or without makeup. I'm not really the type to judge, more of just accept the person as he/she is.
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    the reason for this is most likely that makeup is hella expensive, if she is with you every single day chances are she isnt going to run out of bed put on a mask of makeup and get back in bed before you wake up. i always wear eye makeup like liner and mascara and foundation on a bad day because if i had to put it on all the time i would be super uncomfortable and broke, im assuming she might be the same way.

    in all seriousness, this is a HUGE issue if you dont think she is naturally pretty and that she needs to put shit on her face to be attractive to you. get out now but realize how crushed she is going to be that after all this time you arent attracted to her.
  17. Yeah... I'm predicting this will be a short marriage.
  18. This is my theory on chicks and makeup. the chicks that are attractive without it usually hardly wear it to begin with, so you're used to seeing the chick without it. But if you always see the chick with makeup on, you're used to it, so in the absence of makeup they look different, for better or for worse. Personally I would pick a girl with no makeup over a girl with makeup anyday of the week.

    Just my two copper.:wave:
  19. You see, I'm not exactly sure what's changed other than she's about 5 years older than me, and it's possible she's hit that beauty peak when I started dating her 4 years ago, and it's just gotten progressively worse. Let's face it, looks do and will change. I do find that if she does even a little something, I find myself much more attracted to her. And besides looks she exhibits about 99% of the qualities that I'd be looking for in someone, and is a sane female as well. So to me, that keeps me interested in her everyday as well as the fact that I dated over 35 different chicks over the last 10 years to find the girl that I wanted.

    Unfortunately, as I stated before, looks come and go. So even the person you marry now, will look (most likely) 100% different 10 years from now. If she's pretty , she could get fat, could lose her looks, could become anti-mj etc. The number of possibilities is the hardest part of it all, and of those, I'd say 5% may be the ones that you'd want. That's why I think that 60+% of marriages fail.

    Believe me, when I do see her all dolled up, I'm attracted to her like crazy. In fact, I usually can't wait to rip off her clothes and have some great sex, which by the way, has been some of the best I've had, and has only gotten better since we started dating.

    If only our society didn't put so much emphasis on eternal beauty, of which I say 5-10% of the populace exhibit.

    I did a job once for a lady who looked absolutely stunning everytime I'd come to her job to do work. She had a few daughters as well that picked up a lot of her traits. I truly thought she was one of the most beautiful woman I'd ever met, that was until I saw her without all her makeup and what not on. My god what a transformation.

    See the below link. I'm sorry but I truly think most women need makeup in order for their sex appeal to really kick in. See the link below.
  20. lol... suuure. It's society's fault you're shallow. :rolleyes:

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