Woman's skeleton found in house years after her death

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  1. Saw this on the news last night:

    MIDDLEFIELD, Conn. (AP) -- The skeletal remains of an elderly woman were found Friday in her home, more than seven years after neighbors last reported seeing her.
    Ann M. Simmeck apparently died of natural causes, according to an autopsy conducted later Friday. She would have been 79 years old.
    The autopsy could not determine the year and date of her death, believed to have occurred several years ago inside her split-level ranch home.
    The home, which bears a strongly worded "no trespassing" sign, still had working electric service. Calendars and food inside the freezer were dated 1999 and earlier, neighbors who talked with investigators told The Hartford Courant.
    Officers visited the property Friday and found Simmeck's skeletal remains after a family member became concerned about Simmeck's absence and called police.
    "The last time I physically saw her was 1998, 1999," said Mary Carlson, Simmeck's neighbor since 1997.
    Simmeck's family members could not be reached Saturday morning.
    Neighbors said Friday that Simmeck's estranged husband used to mow the lawn and care for the yard, but told them a few years ago that he didn't have keys to the house and never went inside.
    State police detectives are investigating, and the state medical examiner's office will continue to try to pinpoint the year and approximate date of her death.


    That's pretty sad actually. She must have been a really lonely person to disappear for 7 years and for noone to take notice.
  2. thats really sad. its even more sad that this kind of thing happens a lot.
  3. 7 years?

    Talk about a low neighborhood. Thats the place you wanna sell drugs. Redicolous if you ask me.
  4. What I can't understand is doesn't a rotting corpse smell pretty bad? Like, you'd think the stench of death over a few years would kind of alert the neighbors. I dunno, maybe her house was smell-proof or something.
  5. well there are some conditions that will mummify the corpse rather than decompose it. also she could have owned several acres of land allowing her corpse the privacy it needed to be left at home without disturbing her neighbors
  6. It took seven years for the family to get concerned?
  7. I'm not surprised no one found her, middlefield has like 12 people living in the town, it's not too far from my house actually :(

    It's not even really a town, it's like a section of a few different towns, but no it was prolly out in the woods, so it would have been really low key.
  8. my whole part of CT is low key, not too many people, the town she lived in I believe didn't even have it's own police force, a few towns only have like 1 or 2 cops around there.

    Best part about CT, nice and woodsy and quiet.

    What I don't get is why her family never bothered to try to enter the house, or even sell it after 7 years.

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