**WOMANS** Guerilla Grow :) We can do it too!!

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  1. Hello GC, this is my first thread and grow from start to finish on my own :hello::smoke:
    I am also helping the renouned Canadian RooR with our huge outdoor Guerilla Grow, but i thought id grow My fave strain off on my own with use of the help of him :) I will post pics as soon as i can :) most ppl know our situation up here :p

    So For my portion i am growing these as follows:

    Daddy's Girl - 4 Reg. Seeds

    And also me and Canadian RooR are having a Grow Off For Most Beautiful Outdoor Plant with the same strain. Those strains are

    T.N.R. - 1 plant each from seed to harvest (REG but will wait till sex is shown to pick the plants)

    Easyryder - 1 plant each from seed to harvest (FEM)

    We made our own soil, 5-1 ratio dirt to perlite/vermiculite and bone meal...

    This is my first here and im new so take it easy on me, i need to learn to :) So hit me up and let me know what you guys think :)

    Thanks Fellow GC'ers, glad to be here and stay high ya'll :bongin: :smoke:
  2. Hello Hello Hello Partner in crime :p:p cant wait for the daddy's girl to show her true colours :p :bongin:
  3. Good luck you two!
  4. Hey Hoss, Glad to see your getn out there and doin a personal on the side for self improvement. How could you two be out there and not have some kind of contest, its just the nature of siblings:) I wish you good luck in it and may the greenest thumb win.

    and welcome to Grasscity! + rep for first thread/post and being so bad ass doing what you are.
  5. Thanks for the rep for sure :)
    of course were going to have a comp, and obvi mines going to be the best... cause im a girl :p hehehe;)
    hope you enjoy the stay on my new thread :)
  6. Repped and subbed.

    My little sis grows too. That girl can grow monsters. She's got the patience of a saint and a green thumb that almost looks like it has gangrene. I would love to take a summer off and go grow a semi load of dope like you guys. Good luck!

  7. gangrene is actually black. :smoke:
  8. Thanks for the rep:smoke: :smoke:!!!!!!
    and power to the women out there growing we just have the mother instinct to no when something is wrong lol my plants are like my children I love them all I will post pics in a few days when i get faster internet lol :D
    I planned this summer for along time and now I get to live the dream and watch my lady grow in to huge monsters.. but this my first time growing weed that I care about and want to do a great job for all the conessieur out there trying there best :hello: :hello:...
    lol thats jokes....:smoke: :smoke:
    Thanks I might need it lol :wave:
  9. lolll to the gengrene :p and man its true women can do it too if not sometimes better cause they are pretty damn patient :)
  10. Hello , here is an up date of my ladys for you there are finally started:hello: :hello:
    and my monstor plant that I kinda spoil lol:p

    Ordered from attitude seeds...... they were here:) with in 2 week:wave: Thanks you attitude seeds for you fast work:smoke:

    Here is my little ones (Daddy's girl) just starting to pop throw the dirt:D grow my pretties!!!!

    Daddy's girl 3 days old:yay::yay:

    Top view of Gara my Afgani special the monstor lol:love:

    Side view of Gara at 43 days old.. I would like here tobe a bit tller but it is still cold here so I m hoping she willshotup soon:rolleyes:

    Let me no what you think, I will have lots more up dates coming in the future:smoke:....... good luck to all hope you all have a good season :bongin:
  11. So I have been thinking of topping my monstor Gara:rolleyes: but I have never done it befor and was wonder what the pros and cons are..... so everyone what is your option should I try and top her or just leave her been and watch her go???????:p
  12. I dont know if thats one of your autos or not if its not then defenitly top! if it is one of your autos then it depends on how soon its goin to start to flower. if its realy soon then you might just be better off leaving it as is.
  13. Gara is my afgani special (non auto) the one I posted pics of above :p and thanks for the help 1 for top it thats what Canadian RooR said to do as well he is going to show me how to do it prob with in the week:hello:
  14. Good to hear, and dont stop at just doing it once :) throwing in a little LST is never a bad thing either:rolleyes:
  15. It's good to see some girl growers...even though this isn't your grow lol.....

    Anyway good luck to roor and you, have a good season.:wave:
  16. I have done that befor and I will if she gets to bushy but she is just starting to branch now lol it is still cold here and rains everyother day lol:p
    Ya I can grow so what and please tell me how this is not my grow I would love to know:eek:
  17. Count me in!! Plants look great!!Wishing you the best of seasons HossWomen!!:hello:
  18. Thank you for the soport :D
  19. hey there hoss woman! love the guerilla operation you and canadian are doing, very cool. i say top that afghani she is the perfect size and looks like she could use it. see how she reacts to the topping. if she shows signs of fast vigorous growth after the top, than fim every branch you see... looking forward to seeing you kick ass hosswoman, and beat down that canadian in the competition:p:D

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