Woman Fatally Shot In Costco

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  1. They will get in trouble I hope for not tackling her and arresting her. The shooting should have been avoided.
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    even if the gun taser didn't work why not just shoot her in the leg or something?
  3. Our world
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    apparently she had a knife in her hand though and they told her to drop it and she didnt
  5. Right so that justifies them shooting a girl.. lmao fucking retarded people/cops.   
  6. Just because she's a woman doesn't mean she can't be shot. If she was wielding a knife, in a store, threatening people, and ignoring police's orders, well, what did she expect? Would it have been okay to shoot a man instead?

    Especially with everything going on lately and the police being on edge. That's pretty stupid of her.
  7. Yeah...bugs me when people try to put blame on the cops. I'd would have done the same if someone was eleated and coming at me with scissors and knives...
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    I'd rather that crazy woman be shot than others hurt because she wasn't shot. If the police didn't shoot her and she hurt others, the conspiracy theorists would have said that the government set it up to help their anti Costco agenda.
  9. I don't even think cops are trained to do that.  They shoot to kill.  So fucked up..
  10. Lol, some of these responses are sick.  You really think she deserved to die?  wow
  11. No one said she deserved to die but those innocent people deserved to be protected. She's the idiot who grabbed a weapon to start threatening people.

    Like someone said above, you can't be too trusting that a person won't hurt others. You have to do what's necessary to protect innocent people when you're a cop.

    But whatever. Let's just give criminals hugs and cookies and hope that no one gets hurt to protect their crazy asses.
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    And lets keep training cops to shoot and kill people weilding knives.
    She obviously was in the wrong, but she didn't deserve to die.  What if something like that happened to your family member?  I guess you wouldn't have any problem with that either
  13. That's fucking stupid then. Shouldn't they be trained to preserve life whenever possible and only shoot to kill when there's no other option?
  14. They like to say that they are but they still shoot to kill whenever their precious tasers don't work.  Imo cops are getting kinda lazy and are generally becoming pussies
  15. Well, at least there was an actual threat here. Better than choking a 14 year old boy for 'dehumanizing stares.'
  16. I agree it seems like every few days you about police brutality or police shooting someone . It sucks that for the most part they get off with little to nO punishment.
  17. Okay. Since you're such a badass, you become a cop and change things. Stand up! Stop those criminals with your tackling and your tazer even when it doesn't work.

    Then when one stabs you, yell, stop it right this instant!
  18. Has nothing to do with me but thanks for the flattery
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    People saying "don't shoot that poor woman" clearly don't know that violence knows no gender..
    She definitely needed to be taken care of, but since I feel that guns in the hands of cops is an overall bad idea, I feel this situation could have been better controlled by someone actually trained to keep the peace. But that's police brutality for you, if they don't know how else to control a situation, they pull their guns out fast.
    It can't be as easy as saying "we need better cops!" either, the fact is we need a law enforcement take-back and reform. People trust police way too much to always do the right thing, but what is the right thing to do sometimes? It certainly wasn't fatally shooting this woman..

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