woman being kidnap caught on camera

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  1. looks to be a domestic issue to me.
  2. even so its kinda crazy
  3. Always assume the worst in these situations! Any person that witnessed something like this should call the cops

  4. u sir must of never seen domestic issues in a black neighborhood.
  5. Id say domestic issue.
  6. i see this kind of stuff everyday.
  7. i wanna beat that guys ass man shouldnt be touchin her like that.
  8. dont you love how all the people helped that helpless woman, ohh wait...

  9. How do you know she didn't burn his dinner or something?:hello:

    But in all seriousness that's pretty fucked.

  10. Yeh looks like he's a wife beater or something.
  11. I'm no lawyer but if you drag someone away kicking and screaming to somewhere they don't want to go with you, that's kidnapping.

    What amazes me is that the guy inside didn't try to help. I would have been out there tackling that guy. What kind of piece of shit drags a woman around by her hair like that?

  12. and then you would of been going to jail along with the attacker. Case law's show that intervening in a domestic issue is not a good idea.

  13. Not in this situation. She wasn't a minor to begin with, or at least didn't look like one so it would be an abduction and not kidnapping.
  14. Sometimes there are "good ideas" and sometimes there is the right thing to do.

    Sheesh, this is why I'm not a lawyer :p

    The legal definition will vary from place to place but generally kidnapping involves a person[b/] and does not distinguish between minors and adults when it comes to the victim (although I'm sure it comes into play during sentencing).
  15. You mean Detroit, MI? :rolleyes:

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