Woman, 82, thought cannabis plants were tomatoes

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  1. An 82-year-old woman questioned by police for growing marijuana plants says she'd wondered why her grandson's tomato plants hadn't produced any fruit.

    The woman, from La Spezia, told police her grandson told her to look after the plants which he'd planted in her back garden.

    She received a visit from the police after neighbours tipped them off that she might be cultivating cannabis plants.

    Police say the woman told them she had been puzzled that she had been growing the 32 plants for some time but not one of them had produced any fruit.

    Tgcom website reports she told police she'd come to the conclusion "the seeds must be rubbish".

    Police are now looking for the woman's 24-year-old grandson, an unemployed IT worker, who faces drug charges. The plants have been destroyed.

    Story filed: 11:29 Friday 18th October 2002 ananova.com
  2. I would say the exact same thing if some one found my plants!! Looks like she may have to start buying again.LOL

    I try to stress to these youngsters out there how easy it is to get other people busted. Parents loose their homes, land, cars, and etc... all the time due to kids and others being irresponsable!
  3. wha a bummer, wasted weed!!!! Damn I hate ppl who call the police. The plants were destroyed?? Not a chance, u know the cops pinched a lil for themselves.

  4. How the hell do you not know what weed looks like when it grows?! She must be dunb as hell....
  5. yeah that or giving the cops the run around because she is old and they believed her
  6. yeah she tokes, i know a ton of older people that toke.

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