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  1. Welcome to my first closet grow .. my Den of Green :D
    First , I would like to thank whomever started this forum :hello: I have spent so many hours reading many many threads and now feel that I can safely start an indoor /under lights grow. sooooo .... here we go

    I have started a few old bag seeds , I only ever kept seeds from the best smoke over the years and now is the time to see what I have :D I will try to keep up on the progress with photos once a week if all goes well lol

    On with the show ..

    Germination happened a couple weeks ago .. ok maybe 3 weeks lol I put 4 seeds in paper towels not knowing if any would crack , as many could be decades old , hehehehe , yes i may have hording issues butt that is another forum LOL . sooo all 4 cracked .. i took the best 2 and put them in little pots .. last week they got to go into larger pots .. they are under a aquarium lights , until the new lights come in , next week i am hoping .

    I will get some photos up within the next day or so ...

    Thanks for joining me on this adventure

  2. Bout damn time Wolf :p;), Im def subd in ;) How big of lights do you have coming in?
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    Hey Vee ,, :wave: Thanks and welcome aboard pull up a comfy seat lol
    I have the Sun Blaze 2Ft x 4 Lamps T5 Fixture, Lumen Output - 8,000 .. I also had them switch out bulbs so that i will have 2 of each 3000 K (red) and 6500 K (blue) lamps. I'm hopeful this will suffice for now .. I am soooooo tired of playing the " looking " game oyy

    I'll get some pictures up as soon as hey come in , my 2 plants are just under a cheapy fish light for now . Yaa i know :eek: scary lol

    I also have bought plywood and 2x2's, for a door and the screen of green frame :D

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    Hey everyone .. finally got my pictures taken .. soooo o without further ado here they is






    Thanks for stoppin by comments and advise very welcome
  5. shes looking better give her some time :wave:
  6. Agreed, they will def be some lushies in a few weeks ;) Looks good Wolf :hello: sweet light too man ;):D:wave:
  7. Thanks guys ... I'm hoping its just shock . what kind of light schedule should they be on?

  8. I go with 24/0 now but I also liked 20/4 if I needed to give the lights a break...or the elec. bill :rolleyes:;). 24/0 gets the best results imo though, those lil ladies love constant light. Hope all is well Wolf :wave:
  9. Thanks man .. thats what i have them on now 24/0 I'm almost afraid to look at them this morning lol in fear of no changes
    so you dont hold to the " let them rest " theory i see lol

  10. Nah man, theyre wee lil ones, all they do is rest :p. The dark periods definitely encourage stretching so if you want all the growth you can muster out of her I would give a good 4-6 hour dark period. Higher temps and I think :confused: low rh also encourage stretching too but Id double check that one :rolleyes:;):D
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    ok i went and had a look ... :( they arent looking so good. very pale in color and some brown spotting , leaf curling ... could this still be do to the stress of bad lighting and the transplanting ?

    oh we named them to promote female growth so we have Olga and Matilda lol good strong names

    I started a couple more last night in case these dont make it. all these seeds are decades old too , so no telling what will crack and what wont or what strain these are. all i know for sure is they are all from premo smoke :D


    HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY WEEKEND FOLKS !! :smoking: :smoking:
  12. Tues update :

    Girls are looking a little better. new leaves are coming in green. :hello: we also cracked 3 more seeds who are now in they'r little peat pot homes.

  13. Nice to here your babies are hopefully recovering. I'm pulling up a chair for this one for sure. Keep up with the updates and pics dude.
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    Well .. I think my girls have had it ... they get nice new leaves and as soon as the are a couple days old the lowest leaves turn yellow and dry up an fall off :confused: They are about 7 inches tall with only 2 sets of leaves. They havent changed much since the last pictures were taken.

    I may have to start completely over. I just found out that the local smoke shop is now handling growing supplies. They are carrying the Fox Farm brand so I'll be going with that. The only real , foreseeable issue is the old seeds.

    Does it really matter how old seeds are ? I would think, that as long as they pop open and begin to grow all would be good. anyone have any thoughts on this ?

  15. Hey many sorry bout your troubles. Maybe there was not enough nitro in the soil? Not sure what you were using. I have tried the foxfarm soil and so far it has been great. have not needed to feed until right before flower.

    Indeed if the seeds germinate then it is all good. Seeds do become less viable with time but this process can be slowed down with the proper storage. This is a cool dark place. A fridge is good for long term storage. Just sayin it depends more on how the seeds were stored than how old they are, but both factors influence viability.

    Good Luck dude!

  16. Hello Friend. Based upon the stretch you were seeing it would appear your light rig is not close enough. How close to the tops of the plant were the lights?

    You certainly have enough lumens to get a few seedlings off the ground as long as they are close enough. You're going to need about four times as many lumens to get a decent flowering out of just two plants that are vegged for 30 days.

    Im sure the age of your seeds had nothing to do with the decline you saw. The fact that they germinated at all gives testament to their survival. Get that FFOF soil and get your lights as close as you can. That will get them going for the first couple weeks, but you're going to need a whole lot more lumens to get them through flowering.
  17. Thanks for the reply Zero .. I had the lights about 2-3 inches but found that the leaf tips were turning brown and drying up .. so i moved them up a bit ..the lights are at about 5 inches now ,but the bottom set of leafs are still turning brown .. :confused:

    I think i may just be better off starting fresh .. new soil and i want to get a ph tester , i'm on well water and would like to get an idea of where its at ph wise

    Thanks again

  18. Thanks for the advice Nugg

  19. Hmm thats a tough call. If the temps and humidity at the tops of the plants are where they should be, then the only culprit left for the burn is soil.
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    Well friends ... I had to ditch the last plants .. but I do have some good news ..:hello: I have started another batch of old bag seeds , and they are doing great. They'r about 5 weeks in and have been transplanted into they'r final homes ..

    I have noticed in the last few days that some brown spots have appeared on the lower most leaves on a couple of the girls .. :confused:

    They were all started in Happy Frog mix and then transferred to Ocean mix , they had very little if any shock. They are under a Sun Blaze T5 24" 4 bulb light setup . on a 18/6 light cycle , they get watered about every 3rd or 4th day , depending on dryness of soil . using bottled spring water

    Thanks for any advice or ideas

    pictures to follow :




    and a pic of all the girls


    I am very proud of my girls even if I dont know what strain they are lol so any help on that subject would also be appreciated :D

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