Wold you get a full body scan?

Discussion in 'General' started by D.M.B_22, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. I was just wondering how many people would go get a full body scan. You would then learn every single thing that is wrong with your body.

    Some would like to know that information so they could take care of any abnormalities quickly.

    But others just wouldnt want to know about any of that stuff because they could not live with that kind of information.


    Oh and if your prego you cant do it because of the risk of high levels of radiation exposure could harm the fetus!:eek:
  2. I think I would, definitely somethin to think about though.
  3. i took x-rays about 5 years ago for my stupid back, nothing ever showed up on the x-rays though.

    my back still hurts too, so i would probably have to pass on the scan, i dont even wanna know whats wrong with my back after 7 years of this.
  4. Id do it. Especially if it was free. Shit I'd pay 100 today if i could get this done.

    Not saying I have lots wrong with me or anything, but it would just be a cool thing to do, I think.
  5. yeah but then come to find out you have some cancer or some shit *knocks on wood*

    or some disease or something thatll cause your life to end sooner, it would suck, but im sure the chances of that are like 1 in a 1000

    ps-im knocking on wood just incase you do find a free full body scan, or get one for 100 dollars today
  6. Actually they can be anywere from 300 to 3000 dollars lol, but for the sake of the thread lets just say they are free.
  7. Nah, I wouldn't.

    Chances are that those things that may turn up in the scan aren't bothering me right now (else I'd be having them checked out!) so I'd just much rather keep my peace of mind, and worry about those problems later on if they ever surface.

    Even just thinking something is wrong with your body can make symptoms show up.
  8. Hell yeah I would.

    Then I could see all the little DNA mutations that are slowly metamorphing me into a superhero.
  9. yeah but somethings dont show up for years, sometimes you dont even have time to figure out what it is before youre out like a light. but once again, chances are completely out there

  10. that would be the cannabis :smoking:
  11. I'd tell them to suck my 3 dimensional rendered penis.

    Edit; Lol, disregard that, I thought you meant like one of those Airport x-ray style machines that scan your whole body and basically see you naked.
  12. Yeah, I would. You could catch something that was wrong with you early enough that you could fix it.
  13. Life is short enough..so hell yes Id like to know whats wrong with me...I dont wanna die young, I just dont.
  14. yea i definently would.
  15. I most definitely would. Knowing about an issue would allow me to start correcting the problem before it becomes a bigger problem :cool:
  16. Wow this is getting some good thoughfull replys. keep them comming :)
  17. but what if it was something uncureable?

    how would you deal with that?
  18. On the one hand, finding out about a problem could fuck me up completely especially in my financial situation.

    But on the other hand, I would just be too fascinated with what my results would be. Also, the sooner you know something the better. If there was something terribly wrong, I could just move back in with my dad and stepmom and I'm sure they could take care of everything for me.
  19. I sure would! Why would I not want to treat anything as soon as I find it. Yeah Ignorance is bliss but I'd rather solve or know I tried everything I could before I died.

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