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woke up with an ipod in my hand

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by phantomxrider, May 24, 2010.

  1. yeah, woke up on the couch with a 5th gen ipod nano in my hand, camera and all. 8 gigs. i asked everybody if they lost it, nobody knows.

    mines now:cool:
  2. What songs are on it?
  3. A selection of Mmmmbop remixes and the original Spice Girls debut album.

    Give me my fucking ipod back.
  4. lucky bastard eh, hopefully no one will come lookin for it

    i woke up in a washing machine with my ipod in my hand. needless to say it was broken. (doing laundry while blacked out = bad idea, unless you enjoy sleeping upright like a contortionist in a foot of water)
  5. Dude thats so crazy. This morning I woke up with a cell phone in my hand! :eek:

  6. wow, that completely beats the shit out of my story.
  7. i wish i woke up with an ipod in my hand.....mine got stolen:mad:

  8. Speaking of partying hard...
  9. holy shit, how did i wind up posting this in apprentice tokers? this was supposed to be in RLS....i must be higher than i thought!

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