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  1. I believe those are pistils? Am I in flowering now or not until it forms into an actual bud?

    Also I made a neem spray, I sprayed on Saturday but still seeing new thrips damage but I don't ever see the thrips like I used too, idk if it's just the same damage that's been there and I just never noticed it, but can I spray again? It says every 2 weeks but I feel like it could use another, its looking beautiful but the damn bugs fuckin my shit up lol

    And also, I'm wondering if I could leave it on the pot it's in for the duration or if I should transplant into a size bigger and leave it at that? I don't want to mess anything up since I'm seeing flowering, which leads me to believe it's an indica because it's so short, and a kush because it stinks like a mofo and it's small but had that strong smell lol so I think the end is somewhat near, what do you think? Transplant or leave it

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  2. lucky you it's a girl...your a father now...I see 2 pistils somewhere in the album you posted ...luck you


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  3. She's flowering good job
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  4. Looks like you have spider mites. Not a good way to start flowering.

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  5. Definitely have spider mites!!!!!!!

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  6. ?
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  7. Lol both of these plants were seeds from bags I got off the street I got real lucky.. but I'm confused, planted the seeds same time, 1 in ground 1 in pot.. the one in ground is 33 inches and started showing signs like a month ago if pre flowers, it's barely starring to have the look and pustil.. but the one in the smart pot is only 16 inches, went through some shit, started off in a plastic pot and was trying the roots so the growth was stunted, was real slow, I transplanted into smart pot, it looks more sexy then the bigger one and those white things are long add pistils, why is the one in the pot showing signs faster and sooner then the bigger one? Is it because it's an indica maybe and they grow shorter and have shorter flowering? What do you think
  8. No spider mites under the leaves..i spray, it's old damage, but the stuff on the new growth is from thrips, I know it is, I sprayed the neem solution on Saturday and was wondering if I can do another spray today or tmrw
  9. Why the ?
  10. After looking closely right now i fuckin found a colony under one leaf! I sprayed under all them, let sit for 5 minutes then took each one individually off with some tweezers

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