woke up to a f****d up plant...

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  1. ok so this morning i woke up and was going to water... opened the closet and yeah, i have no idea what happened its the only one in the garden doing it.
    all fan leaves are drooping and its ugly idk what to do.

    idk my pH at the moment
    im in the middle of a flush
    water once a day
    it is pretty hot in my closet 85-90 F during the day 75-80 at night
    1 gal buckets (i have a tight space)
    yeah idk oh day 6 of flower under 430w HPS

    and its GHS White Widow if that helps

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  2. Numerous uno, Your pot size is insufficient. Looks like a toy kids sand pal. That must be, around , less than 1 gallon.

    I would transplant them Imeditaly, to at least a 7 gallon, pot/ grow bag. The droop could be a two part problem. The flush is such tight quarters is no good. Also, your plant has no more space to grow; IE, Root Bound. If your roots can't grow, and your flushing them, add it up, what do you get. A new 7 gallon bag, so they can continue to thrive.
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    thanks bro

    im doing it asap meaning now

    i just transplanted into 5gal buckets 100% root bound thanks so much twice you help me WWM... if i could +rep i would

  4. What soil are you using ?
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    it was 100% rootbound

    fox farm ocean forest in a 6 gal bucket

  6. OK, so now we know the problem, lets give it the cure. Good stuff, asking for help.

  7. yeah the plant is already perking up!! thanks man

    thats the second time

  8. OK, so now I want to know, what nutrients your using. Don't say Miracle Grow, Or I'll come over, and slap ya a good one . j/k

  9. haha ok then im not going to say it
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    For real ? OK.

    :wave: See this hand waving, Well it's not waving, it's slapping you around. LOL

    How about for like 12 bucks, you can get Some GOOD, Bloom Nutrients. The difference you will notice in yield, will blow your mind. Also, a BOOSTER of some sort, is great as well, when used together, properly.

    No comment, on the breeder question dude, He breeds Golden Retrievers ??

  11. haha yeah i love golden retrievers

    umm what bloom nutes do you suggest? and what kind of booster?

  12. If you can find it, DNF, is great for soil runs, and a Booster, well it's more. I assume you reside in the States, so, here it's $40.00 for 500 Ml. So there it should be $28 - $30.00, however, it will be the best money you spent. Makes the buds super phat, and better tasting, without the need for mollases. It's called, Canna Boost

  13. DNF you were talking about that... does it stand for anything?

    and canna boost i saw that, i forget where though and 30 bucks isnt aything for some fat good tasting buds thanks man :hello:
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    DNF = Dutch Nutrient Formula

    And your right, It's hard not, to tag your plants, For 30 bucks

    So you know for future reference, You don't need to start a Thread for this. Go to the Growers Lounge, and we can hammer back and forth, all day, all night. If you want me there, PM me, tell me your there, and wish to chat. Sound fair. That way, your exposed to other, great knowable growers. Just a thought dude.

  15. youve been such a big help you have no idea

    and i would gladly spend 60 bucks on each plant in the end its all the better

  16. Anytime friend. I did an EDIT, on 2 posts up, Re-Read.
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    alright ill just talk to you on PM's its easier and yeah this is only my third grow so im a noobie, so yeah im still learning everyday and i love it

    i edited the golden retriver statment on your grow thread

  18. Thanks man

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