Woke up in the hospital after fighting off cops

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  1. 100% true story, and perhaps the craziest night I'll ever experience.

    Fall is coming, so my favorite MARSHMALLOWS are growing out of season. I decided to cop an O from my buddy and had a damn good time with my ex.

    We tweaked out for a little while, yada yada, and ended up going to sleep. I don't remember what happened after that, but she said I woke up tweaking some more (I don't even remember it) and she freaked out. She didn't know what was going on, so naturally she called the ambalamps.

    Police arrived to help, and I was completely gone. I dreamed about being swarmed by police and thrown down the stairs, swinging at 'em and shoving all my weight against them to push them into the walls and such. I didn't know WHAT the fuck was going on. I still thought it was a dream. Eventually they strapped me to a stretcher and took me away, the whole time a lot of people I know were surrounded outside.

    I woke up in a hospital strapped to a bunch of machines and started ripping myself off them before Becky came to my side and told me to relax. They released me shortly afterward when I was able to identify my name and the date.

    Here I am. Whew. Not looking forward to my court summons.

    EDIT: and yes, I have bruises all over my arms, chest, and even on my top lip. I think I ended up biting one of them and he hit me back.
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    Don't do shrooms, kids.

    EDIT: Charges?
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    Not my first time, but not sure. They told my girl to wait for a summons but... Can they really do anything afer the fact?

    I'm in MA btw.

    This is COMPLETELY out of character, for the record. I've never had any issues with cops other than a weed smell in the truck, and I told the cop from the getgo where my bubbler was. I don't even really remember any of it except a little after I woke up.

    I know I brought it on myself but fuck man, this sucks. I kinda laugh when I think to myself how the fuck it happened to me- all my friends have pretty much lol'ed when they heard it.

    I'm really hoping the penalty will be light... I'm going to apologize to the cops tomorrow, given I know a close friend of theirs who lives right next door to where this all happened.
  4. yeah man, don't do shrooms. unless you've got enough for everyone :smoke:
  5. Chances are you'll be slapped with something big, but that's just worst case scenario.

    You did attack law enforcement, and you were under the 'influence' of illegal narcotics.

    AKA youfucked.
  6. You fucked, pretty much.
  7. Shitty deal the girl you were with freaked out and called the ambulance. Dealing with people on psychedelics can get pretty fucked at times though, lol.
  8. ^this
  9. Fuckin' lol

  10. He tasted like bacon, right?
  11. I don't think they're going to pursue the struggle I caused as some kind of charge. I have absolutely nothing on my record, I couldn't even stand up on my own and barely keep my eyes open, I fell about 3-4 times (my wrists are all fucked) etc...

    Either way, I'm going to speak with the cops today and give them an apology... I wouldn't have struggled like that in my right mind. I have a tendency to sleep walk and I'm 99% sure most of that was one big drugged up sleepwalking nightmare.

    I'm more scared about the drug charges and if they'll cause me to lose my scholarship.
  12. Have a really well worded impersonate plea ready to deliver to the cops about losing your scholarship. If you have the opportunity to apologize to them face to face about the struggle, it may be your only chance to appeal to their human side in person.
  13. Well, I hope you got some good shots in!!!
  14. Not really. I didn't WANT to fight them off... I don't even really remember it.
  15. uh ohh the judge dont take to kindly to officer attackers
  16. Any idea what I'm looking at in charges? I really don't believe the "fight" is going to lead to any charges. I didn't actually ATTACK them, I just struggled to get them off me (but who knows).

    I think I'm looking at POTENTIAL jail time, but I think the farthest it'll get is a fine + community service/probation. They did confiscate what I had left. Thoughts?
  17. Good luck on that homie. Apologize without being asked to and pray for lienency. Taylor gang or bite a pig.
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    I remember reading that a few months ago. Getting your face torn apart and your heart ripped out while on the scariest shroom trip of your life sounds like a pretty bad way to bite the dust.

    and to OP

    Don't even bother worrying about it. Apologize, get your story straight, and dont even think about what the judge will do or say cuz it's all gunna be based on how good your lawyer is or the kind of day the judge is having. Good luck dude

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