Wohooooo!!! Scifi and Twilight Zone!

Discussion in 'General' started by cyphixation, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. ....all motherfucking day.

    If you have the Scifi channel get on that mother, it's Twilight Zone episodes until like, 5am tomorrow....holyshit, i'm going to be up all night!!!
  2. thats a trippy show dude.. used to scare me shitless when i was little....
  3. Hell yes it used to scare me as a kid....something very unsettling about it when you are little i spose. Tripped me out bigtime.

    Even now, if i'm baked and *really* let my mind wander when watching it i can get still get wierded out :)
  4. 31 hours....straight.
    57 episodes.
    sponsored by iHop (yeah, i'm feignin like a madman after the first commercial).

    gonna be a good day i think.
  5. holy crap. it doesn't get any better than this....ohhhh man. oh yeah.

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