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Woh WTF happened?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Coldgreenetea, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. Ok, so I have been smoking for months now, prolly like over half a year. I just smoked like two bowls over the period of 30 min or so and my tolerance is really high because I have been smoking a lot lately. Well, I smoked less than usual today and I just got some. I smoked with my roommate and I was talking to him, then we both just zoned out, I started thinking really hard just about random ass shit, and boom next thing I know I am against the wall and I felt like I was couchlocked and I couldnt move. Then it went away after about 30sec of paralyzing me. I then stood up all the way and I told my roommate that I fell asleep kinda, and he was like yea dude you spazzed out. Idk what the fuck happened but I am quite the highest ive ever been. After this I am definitely taking a break for a while. idk, all I can think of is that I somehow ingested a shit ton of THC. Right now as I type I feel nauseated. The bud is okay, a couple people have smoked it. I also could have gotten a resin hit. My pipe is really dirty and I held the lighter there for a few secs. I heard that resin can give weird highs, and in the past, it has done the same thing to me, but it was slightly different because it lasted longer and I was alone. This really bugs me out, I have been smoking the most I ever have, sometimes multiple grams per day, and then today, I get hit with this.... any help?
  2. Sounds awesome to me!!
  3. Sounds like someone smoked abit to much and had a whitey just take it easy with stuff man. Probs not laced that's pretty uncommon
  4. Nausea indicates to me that your blood sugar is either too high or too low. Marijuana can increase the metabolism, which in-turn can cause rapid blood sugar fluctuation. Eat something with plenty of carbohydrates and some sugar in it, maybe a peanut butter sandwich or something, and have some milk. Put on some Hendrix, maybe have a cigarette if you smoke cigs, and just relax.

    I've been through the same thing, it sucks, but it's easily avoided by having something to eat before/directly after you smoke.

    Nothing to worry about either way, it's just the body reacts differently to getting stoned every time, just gotta take it in stride, man. The more you go through, the more you learn.

    Happy 4/20. :smoking:

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