Woe is me

Discussion in 'General' started by Marvelous, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. yeah so i just got my computer fixed and had internet put on it at college and then that night when I'm at work my roommate crashed it, the first time i let her use it when i'm not there she takes it down. Well I lost all my music and school files so I would like to know if theres something less threatening to use than limewire, any suggestions?
  2. I'd freak if some bitch fucked up my computer and lost my school files. Your a good person.
  3. Doesnt matter what program you use when your downloading things that limewire gives you, its about the files your choosing and how you choose them.
  4. i stopped filesharing after i lost my 2nd pc. im on my 3rd and that stuff is strictly forbidden.
  5. Get into torrents. A private torrent site is the best way to fly, these days.
  6. ^agreed. Torrents are the shit
  7. yeah the fucked up thing was that she was trying to blame it on me
  8. Looks like she lost her privleges.

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