Woah, I might smoke w/my mom.

Discussion in 'General' started by seeyouauntie, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. This is really strange, and I dont know how I should feel..

    About 2..or 3 years ago my mom found my stash and that day we had a 'talk'. I remember my heart sinking, I never felt that before, but now I knew what it felt like.. not good. We talked for quite awhile, and my mom and I have always been real close so I told her the truth about everything (how often, how much i would smoke, why i smoked etc) She also told me that she used to smoke every once in awhile which I already knew, but this time we talked about the experiences and shared stories about good times. She basically didnt have the reaction I thought she was going to have with it. Her only two concerns were: legality, and health issues. Since that day i've been informing her on occasion about the health benefits and also the legality of it. Being I reside in California its not that big of a deal for possession... Anyhoo.. fast forward to tonight..

    We were talking again about some random shit, her and my dad got into an argument and we talked about that for awhile.. which then sprouted off into death and how we both are afraid of our mothers dying.. her and her mom are very close much like me and my mom. Then that brought up the topic of weed.. dont ask how, our conversations just go like that sometimes. We once again shared stories, and I mentioned to her how much fun we would have together high. She was kind of reluctant at first being the 'mom' and all, then i said 'look, im 22 at this age I know right from wrong, my morals are pretty much set.. Im basically the person im going to be and from a parents standpoint you should really just sit back and reap the fruits of your labor' She kinda paused and as it sunk in i could see this devious smile arise from her.. i knew i was in. So she said, "you know dad's going out of town in a couple of weeks" and laughed.

    ..so now my dilemma.. I always thought it would be cool to smoke with my mom, but now that im faced with it.. uhhhh I hope I dont geek out. You see I usually smoke alone because when im with people i tend to freak out.. arg im a wreck.

  2. My dad used to be a huge pot head and he still smokes every once in a while. While, at a party I had, some of my friends found his bong and wanted to smoke out of it. I was reluctent (sp?) and said no at first. after a while I decided to let them smoke out of it, but when it got passed to me, I passed. It would just be wayyyyyyyyy to weird to smoke out of something my father smokes out of.
  3. Yeah man I know my mom still smokes every once in a while, and I'd really like to toke it up with her but I'm afraid it may be kind of strange.
  4. hey man, toke it up with your mom, the only reason you will feel weird about it is because all your life you were taught it is wrong to smoke pot

    i mean seriously, think of it this way... what would be the difference between smoking weed with your mom... or havin a drink with your dad?

    they are both "drugs" .. just one is accepted and the other is "illegal"

    but keep in mind man, just because its illegal, dont mean its wrong.

  5. uhm.. i've smoked pot for about 5 years now.. i dont have a problem smoking.. :smoke:
  6. yea me and my mom toke up once and a while when she wants to. it was weird for a while but u get use to it. it pretty cool smoking with ur mom and seeing wht she is like when she is stoned...
  7. I agree with wl-jeff, get baked with ur mom, it will bring u two a little closer... i got my dad wrecked in amsterdam, thought it would be wierd but it was funny as hell. he just stared at a squirrel for an hour or so and then passed out. good times.
  8. I smoked with my dad for the first time in October. It's done nothing but bring us closer.
  9. I've smoked with my dad a couple times..very awkward passing a joint/bowl to

  10. not that it matters just wondering u a girl or guy?
  11. i wasnt doubting that you dont have a problem with smoking, i was just givin ya my opinion on the situation, i just think its a damn shame that people can be limited to their bonds with their family because of goverment standards.
  12. Well if ya can get mdma and a testing kit before hand mixing the pot and ectasy will make both of you open up

    make sure you both have favorite tunes on hand some vitamins and fruit juice/water and a small veggie snack of some sort to nibble on while you talk :)
  13. lol im not going to put MDMA in the weed. What are the vitamins for?
  14. well first off, tool is the shit, second off, i remember the first time i smoked with my mom. it was a little awkward but it has pretty much turned to good. so go for it.

  15. You can't mix them... you both take a tablet and have vitamins and fruit juice on hand as well as veggies for the roll

    start toking at this point and neither of you will be uncomfy around one another talk to high heaven
  16. Man do it... I know for a fact my mom smoked with my dad when she was young, but I also know my mom is just now starting to see me as an adult and since my grandmother passed away two years ago she's been uber religious, so I know I have no chance of smoking out with her, but if I did, I would jump at the opportunity... I say go for it.. it's probably going to be more than worth it...JMO...

    ~ Terpsichore
  17. yea getting high with your mom..? ehh idk sounds like it would be akward your gunna regret it probably
  18. idk depends on you and your mom. my friends smoked with his mom and shes given him weed beforebut idk i pretty sure he thought smoking with her was a little weird but it wasnt a bad experience.
  19. Shit if she is up for it then go for it! If my mom was still alive today i would so smoke w/ her, i know she use to toke it up in the bathroom while taken a bath all the time gown up. Crazy shit ha ha

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