woah exercising

Discussion in 'General' started by heybulldog, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. i just ran for 10 minutes
    ran up and down a set of 24 steps 10 times
    and did 150 crunches

    i havent exercised in forever and this was very hard and i feel good about myself

    dunno why i made this a thread, maybe to motivate some lazy stoners to do a lil runnin
  2. yea lately i been doing mad sit ups....im pretty built for not doing much but gotta lose sum weight in my gut and get a six pack for the bitches u kno
  3. yah bitches dig six packs
  4. i feel weird, like not high but I'm feeling good
    my brother tells me exercising releases endorphins in your body that make you feel good, im just laughing for no reason
  5. I work out every other day.

    I love the natural high from working out.
  6. Swim team keeps me execrising Tues- Friday and some saturdays, so that keeps this daily smoked honest
  7. yep heavy excercise floods endorphins into ur brain like just after uve spanked the monkey...

    and its nice to do something good for your body now and again
  8. yeh i lift a few times a week and jog sometimes,

    i jog when its nice out, its been cold recently, but i find cardio kills my tollerance and lets me take huge bong rips when the lungs are feeling weak.
  9. Cardio is a good thing. Running + Swimming too. Smoking in the pool right after a hefty swimming exercise is fucking great:smoking:
  10. the other night i realized how out of shape i am for an eighteen year old .. like and ill probly die young cause of it and was lke maybe ill start jogging and staying in shape...

    fuck it ;)

  11. Same here, I love how ya feel after a 2 mile run.

    I work out as much as possible but mostly I run alot unfortanlly i havent been running alot latly cause its snowing out everyday so its kinda hard hehe probally gona try tonight sense theres not alot of snow though :D

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