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:: WML's beginner guide to marijuana education, etiquitte, and elevation ::

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WherezMyLighter, Feb 7, 2009.

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    This is something that is designed to make your life as a new smoker easier. Hopefully, you will look at this thread and it's contents as a list of "basics" and take it to heart. I have designed this with you, the noob, in mind. If you follow these guidelines, hopefully this will save you the hardships of getting ripped-off, jacked, ridiculed and any other problems a beginner might face. That being said, welcome, and thanks for joining the massive amount of cannabis smokers across the world. If you've never smoked before and are just curious, here is where you will find the proper way to behave within the ranks. If you've already had an encounter with the sweet, sweet herb but are still a little new to the whole thing - you've come to the right place. Don't be confused though, this column can help anyone from the day-1 dudes, to the most seasoned veterans. Just pay attention, and everything should go smoothly.


    This section could probably be considered the most important in this entire write up. Proper functionality in life is key to success, and believe it or not, this also applies to the world of marijuana, habitual or not.

    When you were a kid, your parents probably taught you (...or tried to teach you...) a wide range of basic things to follow as a child growing up. For instance: respecting adults, saying "Yes ma'am, no ma'am", standing up straight, etc. These manners still apply, just not to the same extent as during childhood. Here's where you're going to get your feet wet, so pay attention: When in someone else's home, be respectful at all times given the environment calls for it. Let me break that down for you - I'm not saying don't stick up for yourself should the occasion present itself. What I'm saying here is while you're in another persons domain, remember that, and act accordingly. It is not your home to do as you please, so mind that. Don't raid the fridge, don't be obnoxious, don't cause problems. Act nice, be friendly. This type of behavior will set up the environment of a cool, relaxed circle; extinguishing any anxiety, shyness or any other unwanted emotions and hopefully prompt new friendships.

    Let's get directly onto the subject of burning bud, shall we? Now lets say your in a circle with a few people, and you're trying to tell a story. The blunt/bong/pipe/joint comes to you. As interesting as your story may be, that is no justifying reason to simply prolong other's smoking experience by waiting to finish your speech and then hitting it, only to pass it to someone who was patiently waiting their turn to puff, but fell victim to another episode of your ongoing "Who cares?" Chronicles. It does not matter what you are in the middle of saying - if the smoke comes to you, stop what your doing, hit it, and pass it. Simple as that, no exceptions, no if, ands, or buts. This is in many ways, the golden rule of smoking socially. Please, abide by this rule. Otherwise, someone might help you abide by it.

    This brings me to my next point - cornering the bowl. This is a method of marijuana conservation that many people feel is good practice when smoking with others, so the distribution of smoke is equal. This is a simple process, and until you're sure of how someone blazes, you should live by this, as well. Think of a loaded bowl as a cirlce (Obviously.) Now, if you we're to cut the bowl into four equal portions, you'd have 4 equal, pie-shaped amounts. These are referred to as the "corners." Now, you could always ask if the bud-owner wants you to corner the bowl considering you don't want to, that's all up to you. I, myself don't care, so I usually just go ahead and do it when I'm with people so at the very least, I won't spread any negative vibes.

    ----- Getting the general idea of the thread yet? -----

    Acting. If I wanted to see acting, I'd take my girl to the movies. If someone passes you a bowl and you hit it once, don't pretend to be stoned out of your mind. This isn't like urine-flavored spaghetti your grandma makes that you have to pretend is delicious. Take your hit, get lifted. Don't act like a jackass, don't pretend to hallucinate, none of that. You know when you go to a party and there's always the one girl who gets a beer in her and pretend to be drunk the rest of the night? Yeah, well don't be like her when your with a group of pals burning down. There are few thing more annoying than that, and if you do it, I'm sure someone will let you know.

    My views on rolling the blunt are as follows: Whoever bought the bud is allowed to roll it unless they feel like letting someone else have the honor. Now, if you are at someone's house and they demand to roll your weed or else they'll kick you out - bounce then and there. Don't be a doormat, no matter what. Now, if you buy the weed but someone provides the 'rillos or the bowl, then just discuss it. Usually this isn't a big deal, you just have to talk about it. Keep in mind though, even if it is your bud, if you can't roll just let someone else take the reigns. That's just the cool thing to do, and limpy blunts are no fun. With my friend and I, if someone wants to roll they just ask. If the guy who bought the weed want to roll, he'll just say something like "Nah, I got this." and that's that. No feelings hurt, just to the point and it's all good.


    Being lifted - it's such a great feeling. If it's your first time, try to be around only good friends that you know well, and are very comfortable with. Don't get me wrong here, it's not like you're experimenting with acid or anything, but I've heard stories of people loosing their cool before.

    For the guys/gals that haven't smoked yet:
    It is true, you may or may not get high your first time. Doesn't matter how good your bud is, when or where you do it, with friends or at home alone. Either you'll get blazed out of your dome, or nothing will happen - simple as that. When you do end up getting lit -

    play it cool!​
    Don't trip out. If you start feeling uncomfortable, just be honest. Tell your friends you want to go for a walk, and they can either join or not. Go smoke a cigarette or something. Just remember it's no big deal, really. I'm not saying that to prevent freak outs, either. Smoking bud's fun, but it ain't shit. We're not dealing with PCP or Meth here, just some grass - your basic stuff. And incase you didn't know, you can't overdose on weed, and you can't become physically addicted to it, so scratch that now if you were mulling it over.


    Lets face it, the days of the carved out Coke can are long gone. Studies are showing more and more how dangerous the burnt paint fumes are for you, so lets move onto bigger and better things:


    This is my favorite method of smoking. While it's not the most conservative route, it is the simplest. Blunts are cigars that have been gutted of the tobacco and refilled with marijuana using the original outer wrapping.

    This is a box of Swisher Sweet Grape 'rillos. Any local convenience store will have these on stock at all times. Simply split, gut, fill, roll, spark. 5 step process, takes about 2 minutes after a little practice. It's a great way to smoke your bud without having to worry about breaking something, losing a valuable piece of glass, having evidence lying around, blah, blah, blah. Next up is

    Glass! First off, you got your pipe/spoon:

    Pack some weed in the bowl, hold the carb on the side, light and suck, let go of carb, finish hit. Once again, another easy process here.

    Bubblers are like mini-bongs (We'll get to those, too.)
    These will filter your dank-smoke through water before you breathe it in, offering a cleaner, smoother hit. While some of the THC is filtered out during this process, it is only a minute amount, and not noticeable.

    A little more complex than the other methods, but nothing complex at all. Fill 'er up with water, pack the bowl on the end of the slider. Light, inhale, pull slide, clear smoke. Not too hard, right?

    I will add more as time goes on. Check back regularly for additional information.

    Any questions, comments? Post here and I will get to them as quickly as possible, or PM me by clicking the picture below.

    If there is any certain bit of information I could specifically offer you, it is be careful. If you are going to participate in the experimentation of illegal drugs - cover your ass. Do whatever necessary to not get caught up with the law. Let's keep criminals in jail, not the plant lovers.

    >Anything I did NOT cover can be found HERE.<

  2. ok i get this whole "rules of smoking" thing i've seen on this site. Here is the only piece of advice i can give: if you're a respectful person, with decency, morals and common sense you'll do fine.
  3. Good job Where'sMyLighter + rep for sure. Remember bongs filter out some of the bad parts from the smoke. Also, gonna add chillum's or vapes to this list?
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    exactly... as long as you are cool and respect others, everyone else will respect you and you will enjoy the forums!
  5. Exactly. Common courtesy is no different for smoking than for anything else. There is no special etiquette unique only to smoking cannabis. There are a billion threads already filled with arbitrary rules.
  6. Nice and organized guide. I liked the pictures and headers.
  7. nice mann
  8. Good etiquette guide.

    You spelled "circle" wrong ("cirlce")
  9. Nice post. +Rep
  10. awesome guide bro, +rep

    this should get stickied
  11. + rep for reppin Lamont Coleman!
  12. Thanks for the feedback guys, just trying to help out.

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