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    let me start this off by getting this out of the way. this IS a LEGAL grow.

    okay so... idk what happened with my old thread, its stuck in the unindexed i suppose. some people keep telling me to make a new journal so i guess i will!!!

    with that aside,

    : Mandala Hashberry, Reserva Privada Headband, Greenhouse Seeds Chemdog, Dinafem Blue Widow, and 2x unknown old ancient seeds from the 70s.
    Main Tent: 2x4x7 tent, 400w HPS, 165 CFM 4" inline fan
    Second Space: Currently i have some kitchen cabinets for a mother box and clone box, but soon will be replaced with a 2x2x4 tent.
    Grow Medium: Sunshine #4
    Nutrients: Lucas Formula (GH Flora Micro&Bloom), Molasses, Ph Down
    Tents: 2x4x7 Tent
    Methodology: at the current moment i have 5 plants in my tent, with 4 seedlings on the way, holding them all back to flower together in a few weeks, oh well. basically here's the plan:

    (everything is to scale, 2x4x7 tent, 2x2x4 tent)

    the goal is to have 2-3 mothers, take 32 clones in 3x3" containers in the 2x2x4 tent. root for 10 days, then transplant to 6x6" pots in the big tent and switch to flowering immediately. i will be lollipopping the plants and yeah.

    anyways, thats the plan, thats what i'm working towards having. should take a few months to really kick in and get into drive but i hope you guys want to watch...

    okay and now for pics of my setup and an update!
    vent system:
    ducting out to the muffler:
    replacing these soon:
    old picture of the inside:

    okay new pics;

    4 seedlings in the top kitchen cab for now:
    blue widow
    Oh hi there freshly topped plants:
    Hashberry 2
    Hashberry 3

    so uhh yeah, the older ones are freshly topped as of last night, i got the ph understood (6ph) and i understand feeding now. i think i'm ready for this.
    so help me guys, help me baby these plants and get my SOG dream going.
    and uhh pull up a recliner and enjoy a bowl while we watch these grow!

    oh and uhhhh hash topped bowl anyone?

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    i pee in the shower! :D i stole first post

    recliner is alllllll mine :hello:

    so so so glad u are in the public eye now bro!

    everyones lookin very healthy Mr kush! cannot wait to see the SOG
  3. hehe.
    only public cause i learned how to post here safely!

    i'm happy to have you though.
    i hope the whole gang can find my thread again lol.
  4. lookin good im on board fer sure
  5. NO!!! I missed the recliner by -___- that much!!

    I get the reclining couch tho! :hello:
  6. Sorry kush...been looking for your new thread and cant find it.:confused:Little help here;)
  7. Looks like you got things turned around WK...I'm stoked to see what you do with the space!
  8. I was just tryna' round up the gang! jeezeeeee

    edit: Ozzie: i did get things turned around, plants are healthy and happy finally.
    i wouldnt have been able to do that without all of you guys though, i'm sure you all know that :p
    and i learned better germination techniques from OSG, and these new 4 all sprouted (not like the 5 hashberry, 1 auto, and 5 unknowns that didnt sproud >.>)
  9. Judging by your friends, your OK in my book.

    Keep growing.
  10. hehe, thanks man :)
    hello, i'm whitekush, i chill mainly in the coffee lounge and the grow section i suppose.

    for all ya'll people who didnt follow the last grow and stuff..

    i now present to you a brief history of WK;

    my first grow was in a cab.. i tried to find a pic of the outside but i can't find one :(!!!! it was a 2.5x2.5x4 i think.
    on the left is a hashberry like the most indica pheno ever holy. and on the right was the best plant i've ever grown (dankest) it was a Special Kush #1 by Royal Queen Seeds.
    LMFAO oh yeah i once grew a plant beside a toilet
    *sniff* the best bud i've ever grew
    oh that first hang
    oh then after all that my "second" grow, i wanted to do a 1 plant scrog.

    then i said fuck all that bull shit, fuck that piece of shit 150w hps, fuck that piece of shit inline duct booster fan. and i got a tent. which brings us to now.
    literally now. i'm not gonna dig and post germ pics and all that shit all the way through to now, so bye.
  11. who needs to read while on the throne wen you can just stare at a MJ plant :p
  12. hahaha, naw its like a back bathroom that no one uses.
    we hang laundry and shit in there sometimes.
    idk said why not put a cfl and an autoflower lmfaooo
  13. ir u had nvited me over thered be a good chance id sneak off to use that bathroom :laughing:
  14. lololololol ofcourse you would.
  15. :wave:

    Hey myles...look...a hot granny...

    *steals recliner while myles is distracted*

    Hi WK, everyone...I'm just gonna sit here and watch...:)
  16. u got me excited in the pants bout a granny then you sit on my lap?!?!??! gtfo of here fool!
  17. There goes the neighborhood. Everybody...type real slow....IF is in the house:wave:
  18. Its not gay if its an accident
  19. its gay if u have a guy on ur lap when there are grannies i could be sticking it to :laughing:

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