wizdom teeth gettin pulled.. how bad is it?

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  1. Ya so im goin to the surgant today to get examined and ready for sugery in a few weeks / month or so .. and i was wondering waht am i expecting in pain in a few weeks when i get ALL FOUR pulled :( damn .. ima get sedated so .. i wont be 'there' for the surgery but when i wake up whats it like .. gah the thought of it makes me queezy
  2. Im gettin mine done in July, Id like to know as well
  3. It depends on your surgeon. Mine weren't bad but some of my friends say it was awful. The good news is you vicoden for the pain.
  4. Never had to get mine out.

    One of my buddy's kid's just had his out, the kid was on the couch for two days semi-unconcious.

    Doesn't look like much fun. Apparently it's common for the stitches to split too, which is really bloody and painful.
  5. That depends Jim. We do extractions everyday and it all depends on if the patients teeth are fully erupted (fully above the gums) partially erupted (half up and half under) or impacted (under the gums because they are sideways).
    If they are fully erupted it's no problem,they will just numb the shit out of you losen the teeth with a tool called an elevator and pull them with forcepts.
    When they are not fully erputed it can go either way. If they can be pulled straight out because they roots are straight,great. If not the roots have to be broken and taken out seperately. They can still do this while your numb but you will be more likely to get some vicodin out of it.
    If they are impacted,they will sedate you,cut the gums open break the tooth into pieces and take it out piece by piece. You will also have stitches to take care of. That type of procedure is where you get the chipmunk cheeks and miss a day or two of work/school.
    If you're going for a consultation to see about getting them out,more than likely he will take a panoramic x-ray. That will tell him how he needs to go about getting those teeth out.
    If you have any questions hun PM and I'll take you through it.

    Oh I gotta go get my kids from school but I'll be back in about an hour or so.
  6. mine weren't bad at all, i didn't even remember coming home from the doctors i was so out of it. mine didnt even really bleed bad, it really shouldnt be to bad at all.:D
  7. Hopefully you atleast get some hydrocodone, and not tylenol3's. I hear its not too bad though.
  8. awww man dude i had that a year ago NOT COOL its like ok at first cuz u cant feel anything but after a while even if u do take the meds they give u u still feel it and stitches are a bitchhhhhh just make sure u get vicadin or codene ;) and u know....refill them even if u dont need to
  9. fuck that i better get come oxy cottin :( or morphine ROFL =D ima ask for it hahahahaha .. sigh i wish i could..

    les atleast hope for viks..
  10. get the intravenious solution or whatever its called, the thing that knocks you out.

    All i remember from getting my teeth pulled was they took me in, put me in a chair, and put a needle in my arm then the doctor came in the room and turned on the machine and i could feel the liquid flowing up my arm, its all warm and tingly, then right before it gets to about your heart, your gone and you wake up and its over.

    As for the pain, yea it sucks but you do get a ton of pills and if you somehow run out early... they will give you more. The only thing I really hated was having to keep the cotton in my mouth for like 1 day to stop the bleeding
  11. damm..i gotta get all 4 of mine pulled as well in June... mine r pretty fucked up and literally turnin sideways into my teeth which i just had straightened from 3yrs of braces... so gota get em out....mine are still below my gums and they gotta do an incision of my gum and slice the teeth in half to take em out...lol luckily i do get vic tho..cant wait for that
  12. I'd be praying for percocet. (percocet > vicodin) You will only need them for the first day unless something goes wrong. Ask Durban Poison about his worst case scenario.

    ahh.. Here's his thread. I not trying to give you bad ju-ju but I forgot how burtal DP's dry sockets were. :( http://forum.grasscity.com/showthread.php?t=63998
  13. got mine out a little more than a year ago (impacted) and it was pretty painful but i got a BIG prescription of percs so i stayed under the influence of those quite a bit. ALso i somehow got food stuck in one of em and skin healed over that so you can imagine how that was...:( but after a few days and the swelling went down things started to get better, just make sure not to use straws, i did and it popped some stitches(painful). good luck man
  14. Are they getting pulled or cut? I never had to get mine removed but my older brother had to get his cut out. 2 days in the La-Z-Boy sipping on milkshakes with ice packs wrapped around his head. He got no pain meds either. This was a good 10 years ago though. Surely they'd give you some codeine at the very least.
  15. If you follow your directions the doctor gives you,you won't need anything stronger than Tylenol 3 or Vicodins. If you have stitches you may be given special instruction on caring for them. We have our patients followthese instructions.stitches or not.
    There are two basic directions for the gauze
    One is that you bite on a gauze pad for 30 minutes,throw the gauze away,bleeding is done. The other,bite on gauze and change it every 15 minutes untill bleeding stops. Either way works.
    Main thing is DON'T SPIT!! Make sure you swallow even if you taste a little blood that is NORMAL. DO NOT SPIT.
    When you get home take your pills according to directions,don't dope up because you might need them later. Take them BEFORE the Novacain wears
    off to get them in your system. You can also back them with two ibuprophins and I highly reccomend it. No asprin.
    Get a bag of ice and ice each side you have done ten minutes at a time. This is called fermenting with ice. I helps prevent swelling and it helps with the pins and needles sensation you get when the Novacain wears off.
    Sit in a recliner or prop up on pillows this helps with circulation in your head and face and personally I think it helps you feel better.If you already have a little infection going on this helps drain it from your face as well.
    Do not use mouthwash for 24 hours but the next day start rinsing with a teaspoon of salt disolved in a galss of warm water every three to four hours to clean the sockets and keep them moist. THIS HELPS PREVENT DRY SOCKET. It also helps you heal if you have stitches. Do this for at least a week.
    You cans still brush your teeth just be careful to stay away from the sockets.
    If you do have swelling keep using the ice bags in ten minute intervals the swelling WILL go down. No warm compresses or heating pads should ever be used for swelling.
    You will want to stay on soft food for a couple days at least.
    The sucking action,heat,and spitting will pull the blood clots out of the sockets and exposes the bone below to air.If you have stitches it will pop the stitches. THAT is what causes dry socket and infection. Yes it's hard,yes it sucks but thems the brakes. If you do those things and get dry socket you have no one to blame but yourself.
    There,now I'm done lecturing. let me know how your appointment goes.
  16. I smoked when I got my first two taken out and got a dry socket. I learned real quick not to smoke afterwards.
  17. yea like Yurburd said, dont smoke, it could give ya dry sockets... those r not fun
  18. My dentist told me within the next year or two I'm going to have to get mine pulled :( .. and my are impacted.. they are growing sideways into my molars
  19. NO SMOKING :( nooooooo... thats beat .. ugh .. ok so thankyou VERY much for the info Yurburdcansing!
  20. Mine was awesome. I had them taken out but was fine literally the next day to be talking and no pain. I ended up being able to eat almost anything I wanted after only four days and saved the painkillers for later. It really depends on your surgeon though.

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