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Wizard's Nutsack

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by DasBooze, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. So a couple weeks ago I acquired some bud called Wizard's Nutsack. I LOL'd when I heard the name of it and he told me that was it's legit name. It wasn't super chronic but it was pretty good. Very tasty and smooth, kinda dense. Has anybody else ever had or even heard of this strain before? :p
  2. lol its probably cuz he did lsd and trimmed his pubes on it haha :smoke: but ya never heard of it
  3. He was definitely fucking with you bro... Haha
  4. doubt its a real strain.
  5. lmao! doubt it mang
  6. u made sure it wasnt "laced" rite?

  7. #7 Nadroj, Aug 1, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 1, 2011
    LOL... people he lives in Oregon... holy fuck... you would have to be retarded to think that this guy gets middy weed in oregon that is "LACED", but no, im just kidding... SHIT LIKE THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IN THE NORTHWEST... my best friends uncle grew some shit he laced with PCP... we smoked that shit... didn't faze me at all. He was not the best of growers i must say since he was doing a 7 plant green house grow, legal patient in Montana... everyone knows a patient/caregiver or 2 here i love it. :D

    But all the weed i buy is not laced... holy fuck :eek:
    If you arent aware about the weed we get in the northwest it always got a good look like this

    Fruity Ak, picked up a half oz of this and OG Chunk for $150/oz while i was in seattle...
  8. You get that for $150 a oz?! Holy hell that is amazing, I get chronz for $200/oz at best

  9. Damnnnn, so jealous
  10. Hey Just cuz its got a funky name dont mean it isnt a legit strain, there is a dispensary here in socal that sells one called monkey balls and it is some bomb stuff :)
  11. Born in the 509 (TRI CITIES REPPIN HAHA, i lived in mt vernon as a baby tho (north of seattle), raised in the 406 (billings mt) with homie hookups in the 206 (but we picked up in the 360 outside of olympia in a gated community... this shit was so private you had to have a keycard to get in)

    O yeah, i forgot to mention it was part of a $750/5oz deal we got... 4 oz of og chunk and 1 oz of fruity ak... this guy sells and buys in bulk... im talking 10 lbs+. Seriously, he was low when we picked up and he still had a good 3+ lbs... 150/oz, 600/qp, 1000/half lb i think, and he said 2 grand/lb... then 9-10k/5lbs and 18k/10lbs... I love being well connected throughout the northwest... i gotta buddy in southern oregon too... i have yet to meet him or anything but he seems very cool :smoke: (he gets chronic ass outdoors... $50-200/oz)

    OG Chunk

  12. I hate you, that is REDICULOUS bud at REDICULOUS prices!!! lol
  13. dude... im not trying to thread jack but that's not that dank at all haha... Montana grows some dank ass weed man... like this silvertip, picked up $160/22g (part of a $480/2oz delivery from Bozeman to Billings by my patient grower friend ;), we got st, crown royal, dj shorts blueberry, and afgooey... i made my friends pay $260/oz and $60/6g... i hook em up while hooking my self up.
  14. im drooolin on the inside. :) id kill to toke on a nugget like that. fuck northeast ohio
  15. wow, that's very ironic... i got good friends that move lbs in the CLE area... i got lots of buddies over there haha (my buddy just got some "headies" for 300/oz over there... im sure he has some of the best connects though, cause he does haha). Best part... ive met over half my connects through videogames (counter strike is a helluva game)
  16. WOW I just jizzed. That's some amazing herb you got there. I just recently got a medical hookup here in Portland.
  17. you need to give me some of this!

    ill match you i swear.

    nice nug bruh.

    i definitely need some camera pointers from you. hahaha.
  18. you need to come to Montana to get it... it's a Montana grown strain... Grand Daddy Purple x Super Silver Haze... it's an amazing combo.
  19. Holy, hell you guys are getting this shit cheap. The least expensive stuff in Oklahoma I've even heard of is $15/g. And its shit bake.
  20. oh yeah cleveland im sure has some good shit.. im over in ytown though and its either some okay dank or shit mids.. i need to find some new connects.

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