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  1. was smoking 2 blunts in a circle on my porch with friends and one of my friends ends up dropping the blunt, and it falls through the crack between the floorboards of the porch.

    later that night i used wizard powers to retrieve the lost blunt from under the porch (telekinesis), and this shit has been getting me stoned for the past 4 hours :smoking:
  2. BS, your knees are shamefully dirty. But not that shamefully since wasting weed is more shameful.

    I guess your knees are dirty with weed pride. I never should of posted in here, fuck.
  3. okay to be honest it was quite difficult to retrieve from under the porch, but it was worth it :p
  4. I came in here expecting a reference to black people TBPH
  5. [​IMG]
    Well done on getting it back I guess :smoking:

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