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Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Apr 5, 2003.

  1. OK being the old man that I am, which lion roar do you start the "Dark side of the moon" on? the first or second.

    And do you keep the cd player on loop to restart or do you have to hit play again on your own?
  2. i thought it was the third...but if there are only two, go with the second.
    and i think you loop it. never done it myself though
  3. yes, it is the 3ed, and yes u NEED it on loop. and when u press play on ur stero and it takes like 3 sec, this is what u play. wait for the first track to start, then press back track then puase really quick and when the 3ed roar happan un puse(how ever it is on UR stero) and injoy...any extra help need sirch ouder under dark side of oz..thanks...peaces....MrSbb
  4. Thank you, I now have somethingto do the next time I get rained in.
  5. Get on gnucleus or kazaa, and find "darkside of oz" you should find a shizzle o sync'd mpegs and divx stuff to download, that's where i got mine from,,,

  6. i got my synched copy off kazaa. everyone bow to kazaa. kazaa has everything.
  7. kazaa blows ass, gnucleus owns on shizz,,, i jus said use kazaa cause a lot of you have it, but gnuc is better IMO and it runs better on my pentium 333, it's a very lite app with no spyware.

    Get it here:

  8. kazaa lite for files and winmx for music is the way for me, normal kazaa is a spyware ridden blowted POS
  9. or you could just all use soulseek and end this non-sense of arguing..... ;)
  10. I just got my Wizard of Oz DVD the other day. I'm going to do it this weekend!!!
  11. ya i use kazaa lite, not just regular kazaa. And I have a prog called kazaa speedup which will automatically find more sources like winmx does. I used to use winmx but it's not as good at stitching pieces of files together as kazaa is. When I used it the mp3's would have funny skips in them and the audio on movies would be all fucked up. I haven't used gnucleus but I haven't been impressed with the other gnutella clients i've used so I'll stick with kazaa for now. My computers are fast enough to handle it.

  12. I'm gonna look for that now... download, do homework, cheef and watch
  13. It was ok... Wasnt feelin' it thatm uch
  14. I need to go get the Wizard of Oz on dvd so that I can do this. I taped it off of tv one time to try to listen to Pink Floyd, but I don't think it showed the lion roaring.

    What do ya'll think about the movie/Pink Floyd thing? Coincedence, or was it on purpose?
  15. ive heard of this darkside of oz but wat is it i dont understand what is the point of it? please explain.

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