witnesses to God dimension

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by jackroyjonny, May 30, 2009.

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    ive been in god dimension many times and i know how to enter it...if people actaully look at my thread maybe ill tell some people only with the most status, honor and nobility for only true believers walk the path
  2. i will also explain god demension to these select few
  3. What the fuck
  4. another epic failure thread from the same damn blade.
    dude, why make two threads on the same subject? and of if we have "status and nobility"? your a joke.
  5. Someone has a complex...
  6. no I'M BETTER.

    also, even if you are really talking about this being psychedelically induced (however, personally it sounds like you're doing whippets) you should come to realize that god does not exist on another dimension, it's either actively located in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th as humans (in its own image) do, or it exists across and between all of them. and then is possibly some sort of inherent, COherent knowledge that exists as vibrating strands of god-only-knows-what that make up the dimesions themselves.

  7. Psychedelics are weird in that they can shatter ego and cause a person to become much more selfless, or they can build your ego up so much that you begin to think that you're the relayer of the "one true truth" and that only you know the path to such truth.

    Which side are you on OP?
  8. hahah i think stoner has it right im interested to hear what op has to say
  9. im not talking about psychedelics... im talking about The God Lift... this is not just some silly get high stuff were talking about here...its on a different level that which is timeless through steel and stone
  10. Tell me how to get there, I'm bored.
  11. god exists within all dimensions... and certain people can access all the dimensions
  12. anyone who is capable of getting bored arent ready for God Dimension
  13. i'll say it again. OP, you're a joke. well, troll is more like it.
  14. yo just you being from vermont means u understand very little about anything:hide:
  15. Ok. How about me. Tell me your ways. I've ben bored free since '93.
  16. hey i heard about this!! ya this old guy selling oranges on the side of the road told me all about it when i bought him a cheese burger.
  17. OP seriously this is bullshit. If you weren't such a dick you'd just post how, and then those that are worthy of it would go and learn how. right now you're just looking for a way to boost your ego, and prove that you're better then the rest of us. Not cool.
  18. thats good dude i appreciate your comment i will tell GC very soon my secrets
  19. dude i saw ur last thread its interesting i wish to know more
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