Witness the best Bass player alive play Amazing Grace (video)

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  1. Heh, as soon as i saw this, i thought of that episode of south park where cartman talks about how all black people can play bass. hehe.

    ... was wondering why it had the title amazing grace,((after watchin couple seconds of solo)) but then he started playin it... lol nice video.
  2. haha wow.

    that guy could lay down some mean reggae i bet.
  3. good, dunno about the "best bass player alive" though.
  4. im sure, but thank god he doesnt waste his time on repetitive upstroke insanity.
  5. victor wooten is amazing, but nobody can really pinpoint one bass player who is the best out of everyone else. his show was amazing though. les claypool is also right up there amoung some of the best too, in my opinion.
  6. Victor wooten is pretty amazing, but I don't really like his new stuff. My favorite bass player is still Jaco Pastorius. Marcus Miller has some pretty killer stuff out too.
  7. Wooten live while high out of my mind with my girlfriend was one of the best shows i've been to.
  8. there are plenty of better living bass players. vic can tear it up, though.
  9. if you ever see wooten improv, he's amazing. i don't know whether it's knowledge of music, feel for the instrument, or both, but he's crazy good (this coming from a bassist). i love how, if you ever meet him, he's really into nature and all that stuff, real chill. what i like most about him is how versatile he is. he can tap, slap/pop, or just play normal and lay out some sick stuff. Les is good too, but i tend to think he uses creativity to compensate for a little on the talent end (just my personal opinion). he's right up there, though. stu hamm's another good one to look into...
  10. Goods points, but if versatile is what your looking for, Christian McBride is the man. This guy and slap and pop just as hard as victor can and was a student of the bass master Ray Brown so you know he can play Jazz. Out of all living Bass players, i would choose him to play in my band over anyone else.

    My list of favorite Bass players ever would include: Christian McBride, Victor Wooten, Stanley Clark, Eddie Gomez, Ray Brown, Art Davis, Jymie Merritt, Ron Carter, Curly Russell, Charlie Haden, George Morrow, Dave Holland, Reggie Workman, Matt Clohesy, John Patitucci, Eugene Tayler, Paul Chambers, Meshell Ndegeocello, Reuben Rogers, Marcus Miller, Sam Jones, gary peacock, um, i cant think of any more right now, but i think everyone should check these guys out.

  11. if only jaco's deline wasn't so unfortunate....i met a guy once workin a gig that got to meet him, he spotted jaco some coke and never saw him again that night lol

    i hear his son felix has got some mad jazz chops as well
  12. I love victor wooten i can play a lot of his shit but not all of it. Hes one of the best.

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