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  1. I know weed has little to no withrawl and whatever , but i just felt so damn good when i was on it. I am a US med student studying in INDIA and will be done by christmas , currently i am back home but cant smoke here cuz of some pervious issues with both the law and the family. I've been here for 3 days and will go back on the 25th ... I just feel really really bad without the Hash , i cant sleep , i feel really bad and nothing tastes good at all so i only eat maybe 1 meal a day max , and that too very little ammount , i cant go to sleep , cant really seem to like anything.

    I would love suggestions on how to make these 20 days go by fast and make some good of this time !! " Things to do " in my situation from expereinced tokers would be greatly appreciated.

  2. you sure thats hash you're smokin? :cool:
  3. dude.. u sound lik me on a fuckn crack bender
  4. Absolutely sure its HASH and no acid or other tricky $hit..The reason i know is that my last stash i got from Kasol (130 grams) was directly from the source less then 0.5 km from the grow area.
  5. I know the same withdraw symptoms, they suck ass !!! It's because you were smoking alot lol, Well that was my case. I took a few week t break, and after 4-5days I was fine and back to normal. just stick in there. you will be fine.
  6. 1-Withdrawal*

    2- Is there not a state in india where marijuana is legal, and really cheap (like $3 an eighth). Just go there when you get some days off school or something
  7. ....acid isn't addictive.

    I honestly can't relate to you because I've had real addictions to crack and benzos... But just go to the store and get some unisom gelcaps or Tylenol PM, it'll help you sleep.
  8. Hash is illegal in India everywhere , but its not enforced and all the max they'll do to users is harass them for some money and thats about it , and if you have a US passport like I do they wont even do that . You get some of the best NEPAL HASH , MALANA Cream , KASOL Hash in india , the problem with me is that i am in the US as of now till the end of this month. If i was in india i would have just smoked :) , otherwise taken some lorazepam and slept the withrawl off for a few days before it got allright... I'm counting days man Never felt so bad to be HOME :(
  9. damn that sucks bro, I know how you feel. I am on a tbreak right now too. The first night is horrible. Everynight , I haven't been able to sleep before 4 am and thats with waking at 9am.
  10. I heard Malana Cream's the best hash in the world.
  11. what the fuck are you people talking about withdrawl from hash? ***** you got heroin or some shit
  12. Obviously your tolerance has never been high enough to have any trouble sleeping or eating when not smoking weed.
  13. oh PLEASE.

    My fuckin tolerence has been maxed out since i've been 15 years old. I've smoked multiple times daily since i've been 15.

    I am on a T-break right now because I have a piss test on monday and i aint fuckin "withdrawling"...

    Go smoke yourself some crack for a week straight or snort/bang up some H for a week straight, then completely stop... you'll know the feeling of withdrawl then.
  14. Dude, he isn't saying he gets heroin like withdrawls, just that he has trouble sleeping and eating after he quits smoking. Which, correct me if I am wrong, would be classified as withdrawl, however minor it is.
  15. Thankfully its getting better now , i guess lot of it was Psychological rather then physical as some have interpreted (my bad if i didnt explain it correctly) , I think i will be fine , T minus 13 days and I am going straight to here from the Airport once i land :)

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