without pot, how do you reduce stress?

Discussion in 'General' started by jimboob, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. I get too stressed too easily. i get stressed cause i wake up 8am, im in school till 330ish, got work 4-9, get home and do my homework sit on the comp for an hour, then sleep. I hate my fucking job, its cold, wet and tedious. worst of all is the cold. I work dairy at stop and shop.

    i know to savor every moment, which is pretty easy in the summer, not so easy in the dairy cooler or stacking shelves or sitting in BIO...

    i don't get to go to parties often, but i went to one last friday and it was GREAT! i hooked up with one girl and met this other girl i'd kill to meet again (she had to leave early). But they were my cousin's friend's parties, so i'm at her mercey if i want to go to another one. (which i'm worried about). the next of her parties might be on columbus day, im like on edge waiting to hear from her.

    man i hate to say it but if i don't go to this party im gonna be stuck back in this goddamned rut for a while....and that girl was somethin else, the party alone would be nice but if that girl is there...well that would be just swell ;)

    I stopped smoking pot for a month because i felt realy stressed when i wasn't high. now its been over a month and i still feel like im too stressed. Worst of all im loosing my hair because of all this....

    WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO??? I already eat really healthy, excercise n shit. serisouly the most unhealthy thing i had today was life cereal, no joke. (though it just kinda worked out like that.)

    i love pot, but honestly it filled the holes when life got repetitive and shallow....that's nice but i don't want go back to smoking pot everyday after that party. its like going on vacation somewhere tropical and beautiful, then havng to come back home to NY in the dead of winter....blah...

    Any advice? sorry if that got long.
  2. Crossover from a different thread, but cigarettes. That or sleeping pills and whiskey...
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  3. by doing things i know will cause drama in my life so that the next time i DO smoke i can feel so chill about it for once. cause theres already so much drama. if this make sense. hard to explain. but im dead serious. like i feel soooo chill right now, its the only way people should feel and yet its illegal. not cool. almost like the govt doesnt want us to be happy. i shouldnt have sai that cause now im going to be attacked by loads of political nazis [see what i did thar?]
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  4. Honestly that's an issue for me right now (not smoking currently). I go to the gym, but often times when I'm stressed, I'm way too tired/hopped up on caffeine to work out. I tend to just watch a mindless sitcom and browse GC.
  5. I honestly don't. Without using like alcohol, pot, and yes sleeping pills too I don't reduce stress.

    I'm just an angered man with high blood pressure;)
  6. Alcohol, the cause of - and solution to all of life's problems.

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  7. For me, i work out. i'll get pissed off at shit and pump that iron. also there's the punching bag. after 30minutes of that, you'll be stress free all day
  8. I so want to buy one of those BuckyBalls. can't get myself to spend $35 for one though..

    I really enjoy a nice cup or two of tea when I'm stressed out. Or honestly...I eat! I distract myself by looking through the fridge figuring out what to eat instead of thinking about whatever's bugging me..thank you fast metabolism.
  9. Smoke shisha.
  10. i wake up at 7 AM and got school from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM everyday. my school is so anal and i normally get at least 4 hours of homework a night. Mix it in with a couple of breaks, and I'm up till 10 PM. Then I work on my online business from 10 PM to 1 AM, take a shower, eat some food, and sleep at 1:30 AM. do i smoke pot? no. pot is like masturbation. it feels good for the moment, but the aftermath doesn't last long. what i do to keep me going is i smoke some potent salvia every week. the trips are fucking intense, but after i smoke it i get this inner insight, zen, glowy shit and it keeps me working hard for a week. then i smoke again. plus it saves time and money because salvia trips only last 5-10 minutes, so a gram of 10x extract, about $20, lasts me for 1-2 months. Not bad.
  11. punch a bag or running
  12. stress ball, the ones you squeeze.. usually that shit doesnt work and i end up punchin something. that or cigarettes and alcohol.
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  13. In order to reduce stress, you don't need a spa saloon or a reatreat, as the entire overhaul can be attained with the help of reading. If you don't believe me, just follow this link 20 Tips How To Avoid Stress And Always Keep Calm and see what they say! Good luck!
  14. Alcohol. lol
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  15. Adding to a 6year old thread.... idk I've been in a timeless routine before and honestly once the weekend comes up, its like I'm free again

    But I don't stress about what people normally stress about. I owe it to the conditioning my mother gave me for the first 19yrs of my life
  16. You need to get laid. I know all the warning signs. Don't hurt yourself over it and smoke weed every day.
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  17. Smoke weed everyday.:coolalt:
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  18. That job sounds bunk.

    According to what You posted, id change from stocking to serving tables. Hours are the same and I'm sure youd make wayyyyy more money. Plus youd meet more people with similar interests

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