Discussion in 'General' started by easy rider, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. i was wondering if ne of u think pot has withdrawl symptoms. differntly not as bad as other drugs but,

    im a fairly heavy smoker to soem degree ..i smoke everyday atleast 2-3 times a day. now i havent smoked but once in the past 15 days. u think thats long enough to have withdrawl.

    i was on erowid.org n they said bud's withdrawls include ..

    * anxiety, anhedonia (reduced experience of pleasure), headaches, general unease/discomfort, difficulty sleeping, and a desire to smoke pot. Severity of symptoms is related to frequency of use and individual sensitivity.

    *slight loss of appetite
    *finding non-stoned life a bit dull, increased boredom

    These may last for 1-6 weeks after cessation of use.

    i wanna smoke pot (who doesnt), ive had a headache for days, i feel like shit in general, nothings fun (everythings boring music, food, tv, masturbation ..whatever) n ive probably eaten a couple tv dinners, a few bowls of cereal, and some top romen since thursday.

    so have ne of u guys had ne of these, when uve stopped smoking for extended periods of time? do u think pot even has withdrawl symptoms? or is this all just me having a shitty week?
  2. yea it got withdrawl symptoms cuz when i wanna smoke n i cant i get real frustrated n shit and i dont wanna do anything.
  3. For me, withdrawel isn't as bad until about the 3rd week after taking a break. The first few days are frustrating but once that 3rd week hits, irritability takes over for a while. The worse part of the withdrawel for me, though, is the headaches. I get them really bad and nothing helps. Imitrex doesn't even help.

    So, yes...withdrawel does occur.
  4. Yeah irritation and and frustration get me the most, i do get very uncomfertable(dont see a movie with me when i aint smoked for a while :p) and drink, i never drink when i got stuff/have been smoking resently after a few days i start with the odd few beers lol. dont like drinking to much.
  5. withdrawls fuckin blow!!! mine were horrible since i had to quit...i dont have many anymore... but for awhile i was shaking and had a horrible headache...now i just find life boring...
  6. I haven't stopped in that long to remember withdrawal symptons, but i'm stopping soon for a while now.

    Boredom, getting angrry easier, finding it harder to sleep at night, thinking and thinking about having a smoke...all happen whenever you quit for a while, but it's mostly mentally....
  7. for me its not being able to sleep.

    It takes me a good 45-60 min to fall asleep stoned, and like at least 2 hours not... sucks, but lets me get a lot of reading in

  8. same here
  9. Withdrawals from weed suck but they don't last long for me. I get irritable is about all. This is why I've been enjoying JWH-018. Since I can't smoke herb at the moment due to probation I've been hitting the 018, getting stoned and pissing clean. :smoke:
  10. I don't know... the only thing that sucks when I take tolerance breaks is being bored the first 2 days.

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