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withdrawal's(list what u got) list if want people take us serious

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by austyn12, Dec 27, 2012.

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    IF we ever want to get it legal we have to realize there are withdrawal's even if they are minor and only mental .

    please list your withdrawal's you get and how long they last. Also how bad are they and how often did u smoke and how munch?

    this will make people realize those sites that over do it to make it seem like other drugs are bull shit.
  2. I get horrible nightmares, not sure if it's from not smoking but I only get them when I stop smoking so it's likely. That's just about it to be honest. Just horrible boredom.

  3. how often do u smoke and how munch like if u smoke every day do u smoke 1 gram a 8th a quart a oz or what?
  4. Withdrawal has nothing to do with legalizing. There is no withdrawal, only mentally if your weak and get addicted to other things and have an addictive personality. So either your 13 years old, just started smoking and uneducated about cannabis, or your a troll hahha. But seriously other than it can possibly trigger anxiety or depression in people that already have it, but more research needs to be done.
  5. there are people who dont want it legal because there are anti drug sites that over do what the withdrawals are.
  6. possible irritability for a day/two

    no more than 0.5g per day
  7. thanks for not saying that there's no withdrawals.
  8. I smoke maybe like .2 per session. Some days I'll smoke on 5 different occasions but some days I won't even smoke. I smoke almost everyday unless I don't have weed.
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    3 days of trouble falling asleep
    2 days no appetite
    1 day irritability

    This is if I stop smoking after .25-.5 g/day for a month or two

    Your body just has to adjust to its normal non-cannabis influenced cycles
  10. This is really silly...but I guess people claim to have withdrawals from Cannabis....

    I've never had withdrawals from Cannabis other than a mental craving for the plant. Look up opiate, benzo or alcohol withdrawals...and than we can start talking.

    Cannabis is one of the safest therapeutic substances known to man. I guess when you've been through opiate withdrawal like myself, any kind of mental discomfort from cannabis is very trivial.

    Not trying to down play your symptoms but consider the wide range of dangerous addictive drugs out there and than look at Marijuana.
  11. I would hardly call it withdrawals but I do lose my appetite for a week or so and have trouble sleeping but I have trouble sleeping anyways, smoke about 2g a day for a yr or so straight

  12. 2g a day, do you grow?
  13. Yeah sometimes I lose my appetite to, like right now I'm having a hard time eating.
  14. Smoke like a gram of oil every day for a year then stop, some of you I feel like aren't experienced enough to be saying what's real and what isn't.

  15. Ok sorry I get what your saying. Well I only get "withdrawal" when I'm dry and bored. But I always say a bored person, is a boring person. You shouldn't need weed to have fun, just making things better hahah. But yea like if I'm dry and I'm in class all day (I'm in school), I'm fine, but if its the weekend and I have no plans, it gets to me hahaha. But there really is no withdrawal. Look at hard drugs that actually have withdrawal, then compare that to weed. It's completely different.
  16. I'd say the only withdrawal is my sleep schedule. I usually go to bed earlier when I get high, but if I don't get high that night I have to stay up later in order to fall asleep to compensate. Other than that I just get really bored and think "Man, I could really use some weed right now."
  17. I just have a mental craving.

    "hmm, this day would be better with weed..."

    "dang...where's mah dank?"


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    not saying it not real just saying, it's very minor compared to taking opiate pain killers for a year and than stopping....

    cold sweats, the shakes, zero energy, bad depression and anxiety, body aches, stomach cramps, the squirts, nausea....lasts about a 2-3 weeks and than you're left with no energy and depression for months and months because the opiates stop your brain from producing dopamine at a normal level. It takes a long time and sadly not all of it will go back to normal.

    in fact, Cannabis was the only drug that helped me cope and get through. I give Cannabis the credit. It took my mind off the suffering, made me want to eat and than sleep at night, plus it helped soothe my aching body.

    Trust me, Cannabis is completely safe as far as dependance goes. Caffeine withdrawal is worse than Cannabis. Doesn't mean it's not there only that if you'd compare it's really nothing....
  19. I get crazy irratable and annoyed with little things for a few days. Sleeping isn't very easy either but other then that its not bad

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