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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PMoney, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. i smoke on a daily basis, mostly at around midnight every night and it seems like the next day i'll feel fine up until around 10 pm and then i start to feel really shitty and depressed, although when i took a 3 day break the symptoms dissolved after about a day or so. i've researched it a bit and it does seem possible for cannabis withdrawal to be a legitimate condition that does result in depression, anxiety, and general disturbances in mood and emotional stability. people have reported being easily irritated or annoyed and sometimes even anorexia or insomnia has been mentioned. so my question is has anyone else experienced this or am i the only one on the "no weed = sad and irritable" boat?
  2. i guess its possible, but i've never heard of cannabis withdrawal my self
  3. withdrawals happen with addiction. You can only get mentally dependent to cannabis. Drugs that are physically addiction such as tobacco and heroin you could experience withdrawals, with the mary j, no.
  4. I've heard of it before. It'll go away soon. A lot of people do have trouble sleeping if they stop, especially if they smoke before bed. I haven't heard of people being depressed unless the depression stems from lack of weed which makes sense if it's something you enjoy doing.

    It would be along the lines of a video game withdrawal in gamers from how people I know describe it.
  5. If you're staying up until midnight to smoke, I'm assuming you don't just go straight to bed. You sit around and enjoy being high.

    If that's the case, you most likely stay up to late and are lacking sleep. You're sleep deprived, naturally you'll be irritable, snippy, etc.

    Smoke earlier, sleep earlier, wake up feeling amazing. Rinse and repeat. Try that tomorrow (as it's 12:35 on the Eastern Coast, not sure which timezone you're in) but it's to late to try it now.
  6. The most that has happened to me is after smoking daily to not smoking at all is that i find a slight discomfort while trying to sleep. This could be because of my ADD/rbs and weed always helps with that. But ive never had any serious problems.
  7. ive been smoking for 7 years and never had a withdrawl before. I mean, I've been without bud and was kinda bummed that i had no bud, but not to the point to where i'm depressed about it. I think it's all in your head.
  8. its called boredom. get a hobbie
  9. Smoke till ya sleep, wake up and start baking then go to work.
  10. I've had it happen before. After a couple days off I get mild insomnia, and for a day or two I'm really irritable.

    It is withdrawl from a psychological addiction.
  11. its all about routine. If you have a routine like smoke every time before bed. Your mind gets accustomed to this habit. It's mental.

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