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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ShredyMcPot, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. k well this is the story;

    since the beggining of may till about a week ago ive either been stoned as fuck or burnt out to the point of unmotivated depression.
    I have tried taking a couple breaks from pot during summer but i never lasted, i'd just get headaches and withdrawal signs.

    Since school is up and going again ive tried to stop to try to clear my mind.
    Some buddys of mine said that when they take breaks after smoking for along time, they feel burnt out for the first couple days, or week tops.

    I officially started my "pot break" on the 17th of this month, but since then i had smoked myself up a couple times. But i've been going threw some weird withdrawal symptoms.
    When im just chilling at my place i feel normal; My thoughts are a little jumbled still and i cant focus on anything more than a couple minutes before my mind wonders.
    People say that thats normal, but its been happening for a couple weeks now.
    Even worse though, is when im around other people.

    Whether im stoned of sober around other people, im just an anti-social burnt out mother fucker. It may not seem like much, but thats completley the opposite of how i used to be before the summer, and this has been going on since mid-july.

    I am also a musican, and since ive quit smoking weed i've been completley unmotivated to play, due to a complete loss of creativity.

    It seems as if that when im stoned, im in the same mind set as i was a couple months ago, when i was sober.
    Although i have been feeling a little bit better since i started my break, i'm still not nearly feeling normal at all.

    The questions i've been building upto, are;

    How long does this shit last for?
    Am i perminitley fucked over?
    Was the depression episodes that ive been going threw directly related to pot?
    Has anyone else had this?
  2. your not its all in your mind
  3. Sounds to me like you have deeper issues that need to be confronted. And you say that you are now feeling burned out even after smoking? How much did you used to smoke?
  4. smoking isn't the same for everyone, for example my friend who has ADD, gets anxiety when he smokes so he hates it.

    for you i would recommend you to take quiting for a while seriously and stop smoking your self out, hopefully you would get better, afterwards i would recommend moderate use of marijuana.

  5. Yea, i guess i should take quitting more seriously.
    If anyone has any methods or anything for clearing a cluttered mind, that would help.

    I also heard that theres drinks you can get that help remove the toxins that drugs leave in your body. If anyone knows what there called and where i can go about getting thatd be sweet.
  6. I used to burn threw o's and halfs everyday or couple days, depending on how much money i could dig up.
    And ive been doing that for a couple months now, so i might just be going threw some extreme form of withdrawal.
    I read that withdrawal from just pot could last as long as 90 days, so im not really stoked for the next couple months.
  7. yes i take around 3-4 week break after 3 months of frequent smoking and stock up on these drinks, they are amazing, infact this drink called Synergy even gives me a nice happy buzz.

    i would recommend drinking the following. (recommendations in order. 1 been first priority)

    1. Synergy
    2. Bossa Nova
    3. POM
    4. juices such as oranges, apple, grapes.

    the top 3 drinks are not cheap. but they are worth it.
  8. would i be able to just pick some of these drinks up at the drug store by my house?
    or do i have to goto some health store to pick this up?
    and also, how well does it work?
  9. POM is a popular drink and you can get them from almost all grocery stores.
    Bossa Nova contains Acai and its a very effective anti-oxidant you can also get this from common grocery stores. Synergy is more of a "hippy" drink, it's a chinese Tea that is made out of kambucha, you can see the stores that carry it around your area by clicking here, it is an organic drink, so your most likely going to find it at an organic grocery store.

    you dont have to get those exact brands, those are just the once i prefer.
    just try to get anything with Acai, pomegranate, or Kambucha.

    also, you can buy these from their websites.
  10. alright, thanks man
  11. no problem
  12. Of course man I have went through this as well. It should subside soon enough, you just need to preoccupy yourself with something else if you can. I totally understand you on the creativity thing. I am a musician of sorts my self ( 303s, 808s, 909s, etc) and notice that smoking grass increases creativity 7 to 11 times, IMO.

    Don't worry man I am on a tbreak myself and have had a few episodes that were retarded. Oh and no its not permanant. So don't trip.

    I know you said you feel demotivated, but exercizing really has helped me through all the mental parts.

    Good Luck man, and you can do it. :)

    PS - I have also been drinking green tea everyday for its cleansing abilities and antioxidants.
  13. bro ive gone through that same exact shit, i smoked for a long ass time everyday for like two years then stopped since i was getting tested, i stopped for about three or four months and then did only on special occasions like my brithday and such. when i quit the first time it was super hard all i could think about was getting blazed, and was feening for the high like a crackhead. i stole money to buy weed and sold things to get it, which was really pathetic on my part. since then i quit whatever and it goes good but i recently started again like a montha go and im just trying to get blazed everyday, and even now im dry and wishing i had bud and am thinking about selling things of mine to get it.
  14. Oh yea, exercise helps a shit ton, a whole lot!
  15. I know what thats like. It sucks even more when you sell some glass to get more bud. You always regret it!
  16. first off .... you're seriously fucked up if you're considering SELLING SHIT to buy bud... You have a psychological addiction, and need some willpower. You're smoking for the wrong reasons, just to get fucked up. There's no such thing as marijuana withdrawal, and til you come to terms with that you'll never get over it. Everything is in your mind, the same thing as being addicted to a video-game, it's all psychological.

    Bacchus is right, you should definitely should get some synergy and drink green teas, or something that puts your brain in a relaxed state and flushes you. Kombucha is kickass, you can also use it in hydro systems to fight off bacterial growth instead of things like peroxide which screw with your PH =)

    It's all mind over matter man, it sucks ass cause it's the hardest thing to overcome. Goto a library and get some books on meditation, make a home-made sensory depro-chamber or something. Sit alone in a dark room with the instrument of your choice and just focus on something relaxing. You either wait it out and get dragged through depression and anxiety or find something that helps you ignore it and show you it's in your head. Best of luck mang.
  17. yep, marijuana is allegedly not physically addictive. psychological addiction is real though. if you smoke long, you'll learn to deal with yourself and your withdrawals when you take breaks. or you could just quit if you don't want to learn to deal with it :)

    to smoke or not to smoke is not one of life's most important issues in my book, lol. if it gets in the way of you being responsible or feeling good about yourself, i definitely recommend against it.
  18. It's all happend to me as well. Except, I cannot sleep without weed, so that sucks. And the whole loss of creaticity thing SUCKS. I used to be really into art and digital graphics, but ever since I started smoking heavy, a thing I thought would be my career is now just something I used to do but can't anymore.

  19. that happened to me as well, i think i can't fuction without weed but i beat it. it's just a state of mind. you can do it.

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