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Withdrawal symptoms from quitting weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Alfred Pennyworth, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. Hi everybody
    I have a few questions to ask in regards to quitting weed, and was hoping someone would be able to help me understand what's going on physically/mentally to my body, and also give me an estimation as to how long these symptoms would last.
    I currently just turned 22 this passed month, and have been smoking herb occasionally for the past four years. I'd usually go through a couple of grams(at most) a week, but I recently just quit 4 days ago. I noticed that since I've stopped smoking, I've been having some withdrawal symptoms.
    -VIVID DREAMS(So far I haven't had any bad dreams, just weird ones)
    -BODY TEMPERATURE REGULATION is out of whack. Hot and sweaty one minute, then freezing the next. Sometimes i'll be sweating and cold at the same time. Also I wake up sweaty now, which is annoying and uncomfortable, because I can't really go back to sleep after that since I have I don't like laying in my own sweat.
    -Feeling more agitated than usual.
    I know that there is not a definite answer, but given the fact I gave you guys a bit of my info/experience, could you guys give me a ball park estimation as to how long these symptoms will last? 
    Also, I've always been physically active(Throughout the week i'll be working out at the gym, playing sports etc... and I sweat A LOT! Does exercising help speed up the recovery process?
    I apologize if my writing confuses you guys(Quitting bud has made my mind a bit fuzzy), other than that I would hugely appreciate it if you guys could give me some feedback. Thanks in advance!

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    Vivid dreams come after one quits habitually (and cold turkey) cannabis because
    users of cannabis do not fully get REM sleep. as with alcohol, users who become
    intoxicated before going to sleep receive little to no REM sleep. A quick lesson on
    dreaming my friend, lucidity while slumbering comes from the REM cycle. I too
    have experienced what you are experiencing. I smoked for 4 years straight before taking
    a break (i took a 10 month break). Within the first few weeks I too was having very 
    intense and vivid dreams that seem so real... the reason they seem so vivid
    is because that, in theory, your lack of REM from cannabis essentially blocks
    (partially) your ability to dream... You subconsciously forgot what it felt like
    to be dreaming until you went cold turkey and started lowering the levels of THC
    in your body enough to where you could actually dream properly. it'll fade
    over time. a month at most in most cases. and yes, exercising helps a
    hell of a lot my friend.
    For more information, I suggest a google research on "cannabis and REM"

    and you'll see results such as
    and others with more information. I hope I have been helpful.
  3. I get these symptoms when I take a t-break longer than 3 days.
    They usually only last 2-3 days at most.
  4. I think most people get these, they don't last more than about a week thought I think
  5. fucking shakespearean answers to questions now?? Lmao wtf

    lack of appetite
    confusion or feeling off
  6. Haven't smoked in a week and a half, my only withdraws was not being able to eat a lot of unable to fall asleep
    Perhaps when you get back into smoking you should make a habit of not smoking before eating and sleeping
  7. look at all the help.  That's nice to see. :metal:   Rem to vote so that we can know exactly what to tell ya. :ey:  (and before I begin, its a remarkably non-toxic drug, cannabis, so worry not.
      Something about "stigma" drugs is that the stigma comes with it.  even the idea of drugs is just the "thinking" that you should feel bad after you quit.  its kinda like paranoia, where pot is legal, studies show paranoia symptoms decrease.  They don't "have to be" afraid or paranoid of law enforcement.  Marijuana is mainly a psychological attraction I would say, with few(and short lasting) physical withdrawal effects. 
    I do not doubt your symptoms, and perhaps there were other agents like allergic reactions even to foods we eat.  nevertheless, you can "think" yourself outta this one :D  cannabis is remarkably non toxic, and works at specific systems in our body that are already There, whether we have smoked cannabis or not. 
    hope this helps
  8. i get them all (except the dreaming) every time i quit for a few days, they usually last less than a week. Try and exercise as you said

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  9. nothing
  10. It took me 2 months to feel normal after quiting after heavy smoking. I'm not as active as I should be tho

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  11. I'm a very bi-polar drug user...
    For 10 years I have smoked. Sometimes 8ths a day for months.
    Never had such occurrences unless I was having tensions in life/ momentarily. 
    I don't dream. I acknowledge that I'm pretty mentally damaged... Even subconsciously.
    I wouldn't worry about it, mostly paranoia. 
    To be honest, none of those symptoms seem to be a withdrawal related symptom.
    They are mostly natural body responses to most situations. Aside from the REM sleep.
    Cannabis has a long half-life. So it takes a long time to fully taper off.
    And that's why it's not physically addicting.
    It's only psychological/
    correct, that's what I was saying before.. it's just your body readjusting to what it forgot it could do essentially.
    maybe if you took a t-break and ingested cbd-only tinctures for a month you could get those vivid dreams as well (;
    Oh, I wasn't just speaking about cannabis messing with my psyche.
    I haven't had dreams in years. I've been depleted of such ability. I really don't know why. Something with the neuron system in the brain I guess.
    My mind can't think of an adequate way to part from reality.
    Maybe because it has met such extremes before, it simply cannot create an indifferent reality... It just dies for the night. 
  14. Cannabis withdrawals?  I can't help but LOL at that notion.
    I've quit smoking cannabis cold turkey more than once in my life and after some serious heavy use I might add.  Worst that happened to me was sweaty palms.
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    you know, it is possible for a person to go a whole life time dreaming and not remember a single one.
    sounds like you're very separated from your subconscious mind... REM occurs whether you remember or not.
    your brain would literally shut-down without it.. but you know, time heals everything and hopefully someday
    you can get back into touch with your mind on that hidden level.
    Ah, I hope for that day.
    Whenever I get to leave societal corruption. I would consider myself a transcendentalist.
    I think if I could reunite with a peaceful existence in the wild. I would receive more insightful opportunities.
    Dreams are sporadic.
    I think they could be more fluid with a simpler mindset. But I am just void of them I guess.
    Ah, I have tried Calea. A rather horrible tasting herb. Supposed to induce higher dream states. Which lead to no avail.
    Maybe the subconscious just wallops into itself. I think I dream more in reality, maybe I just see the darkness after the fact.
    The end of the beginning.
    I've gone years without having a memorable dream at times.
    it's sort of one of those everything has to line up just right things that occur in your body
    to where you can remember what you just dreamed about.. your mind processes it all so fast that
    something that you remember taking hours in your dream only took you moments to actually dream it..
    they tend to last only a few minutes at most.
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    I had to quit in May (cold turkey from at least half a gram a day) and experienced the same withdrawal symptoms you speak of. Extremely vivid dreams - which, at the time, seemed counterintuitive. I'd expect vivid dreams from smoking, not the lack thereof. In any case, the explanation about REM sleep above makes perfect sense, I'd never thought about that before.
    I also had a horrible time learning how to sleep again, as I'd always smoke right before bed. I can't tell you that I'm sleeping as well as I used to even now, but its definitely easier than it was when I first quit. Though, I can tell you this is probably less common for others, as there are other stressors in my life that keep my mind up at night. 
    I'd also get the night sweats you speak of. I wouldn't fluctuate between hot/cold during the day - but definitely experienced those night sweats. 
    All of the above, with the exception of lack of sleep (which, like I said, probably will fade for you) lasted me a good 3-4 weeks. 
    I no longer crave bud, but its hard to pass up when I'm around it and its offered directly to me.
    I don't know if exercise decreases the length of withdrawal, but it definitely speeds up the time it takes to eliminate THC from your system. If getting a job and passing a UA is your objective here - just fight the good fight. Its definitely less stressful in the long run to remain clean. Hopefully once you accomplish whatever  your goal is from quitting - you'll be able to smoke again. I took a single hit of bud recently and I was faded - I'll never again need/want to smoke as much as I used to - and thats a good feeling too.

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