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Withdrawal symptom?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Jetlife92, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. I haven't smoked properly in the past couple weeks. i've had a few bowls here and there of low grade maybe even mids.

    but i seem to be very moody and just overall depressed.

    And i'm very anxious to smoke again and it's really annoying me to the point where i watch weed related vids a lot and go to bed thinking about it non-stop

    My life wasn't great but when i discovered weed it made me the happiest man alive. Now that i don't have it now i think life sucks lol.
  2. It's all mental. You'll be fine. Don't think about it
  3. yeah, i've only got to wait till the 3rd till i can make love to sweet maryjane but the days seem to go slower and slower
  4. Ya umm I get extra irritable.. insomnia.. feel more depressed and stuff. that's about it. it's not a big problem. I'm currently on a break day 23/30 now doing pretty good :)
  5. Weed is not physically addictive. Meaning that when a user is deprived of the plant... he/she wont experience the effects of withdraw like such of a person who is deprived of alcohol or cigarettes. You can however, become mentally addicted. I once read an articled published by a PhD, that stated that us pot smokers may feel a bit depressed or tired when coming down from any high/not smoking for a period of time. She stated that this was due to the fact that when you are high... you are at least 30% more relaxed physically and mentally than when you arn't high. Meaning that when you come down... you become depressed/tired because your body is adjusting to not being high.

    It does seem like the logic is right to me... Lulz hope this helps. Peace & Pot.
  6. OP, you said your life wasn't great before weed. I think you need to fix that issue. From what you wrote it sounds as if weed was your crutch.

  7. See when you say stuff like this, it makes you look addicted. I personally don't have any problems quitting, yah sometimes when i'm bored I'll be thinking "I could be toking right now" but I don't notice any change in my personality or anything like that.

    Although now that I think about it, the hardest thing to "overcome" when I go on tolerance breaks is falling asleep. Falling asleep for me is the hardest thing during my day if I don't take a few tokes before bed.
  8. Take a break from smoking, and then when you smoke again it will feel very euphoric.
  9. yeah, you could definitely say that
  10. yeah well basically I'm a student
    I live in London and I study in city called Nottingham
    so whilst I'm in London for holidays there's literally nothing to do in my area so I'm bored as f everyday
    I definitely could cope with no weed whilst in Nottingham 'cause there's so much to do.

    And yeah I don't have I've had a decent nights sleep in the pass few weeks and it gets on my last nerve, knowing if I smoked a bowl I'd be ko'ed
  11. I feel you man, I don't even wanna have sex now. I only think about weed lol :smoking:
  12. I have the same problem when tryin to quit for a tolerance break. I have a very addictive personality and you can have just about any level of withdrawal from anything you become psychologically addicted to. Of course, it is not harder to quit than cigarettes or hard drugs but it can seem like that for a while. I read a study about video game addicts in Japan that have withdrawals that include cold sweats, vomiting and multiple other symptoms. The thing that helps me the best is to stay positive and try to keep my mind off of it. Much easier said than done.
  13. It's called being Addicted!
  14. Just focus on other stuff to do like work or a hobby. And cut your consumption gradually, not cold turkey.
  15. yezzierrr hope your having fun tokin sweet mj now homie!
  16. most definitely am now bro

    i've been baked everyday for the past 7 days

    loving life lol

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