with the funny, comes the laughter

Discussion in 'General' started by gone fishin, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. so heres the premise of this thread...post the funniest picture of yourself...give a little backstory on it too

    heres my start...my friend got his yeild in and dryed in time for this wu-tang show...i was also growing out my hair on a bet...we smoked about a qp that night...and this is after we put down the bong for blunts...oh and thats just a bad angle...i dont have a double chin like that normally, and im not that big..

  2. funny ass picture mang and i don't mean to ruin your thread at all, BUT this is just begging for policemen.
  3. nahh, it was tobacco he grew ya know...plus cops dont bother me...hell, my town doesnt even have a police force, just two state troopers and the DEP...and the DEP is down with me, and the state troopers both know me pretty well...
  4. lucky..state troopers about a mile down from me. and i think cops are just waiting to bust me cause i smoke in my smokeroom/basement and smoke just billows out. but the other day 2 cops just sat in front of my house and stopped literally every car that went by my house. ugh idk im probably just overreacting.

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