[With Pics]Continuing problems getting to veg stage

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  1. Hi guys,

    This is my first attempt at growing in doors with lights and a hydro setup. I'm sure I will be using these forums alot once i get past the germination stage :rolleyes:

    I have tried germinating a seed before in tissue paper and it went quite well, it sprouted then i moved it to a rockwell cube and watered it about once every few days with just a sprinkling of water. once it had its two wee leaves sprout I put it under my HID lamp and fried it, so had to start again.

    This time round I just put the seed into a rockwool cube that had been soaked in php neutral water over night then shook out to get rid of the excess water.

    It took a few days in the warm and dark of under my bed in a propagator to sprout and it eventually did, nice and green too :)

    I then took the lid off of the propagator and put it into my grow closet with a florescent tube on 18 hours a day. I have only been watering it with about 5 ml of 1/4 strength water/nutrient mix when the rock wool feels dry on top.

    I think it may be the florescent tube thats causing my plant to stretch and contort as its not the best but was all i had at the time.

    My friend is bringing down his square shaped florescent light for me to use today which he grew his whole plant under. So i will be swapping to that. It's similar to this one [​IMG]

    I have just put a 12v fan blowing air into the grow room at the moment and that is making the seedling move about very slightly so i'm hoping the combination of the new florescent light and the fan will strengthen up the seedlings stalk so that it will grow properly.

    What do you guys think? should i continue with this seedling or just bin it and start a fresh with a new feminised seed? I only have 10 left so don't want to go throwing them away all the time as they aren't the cheapest things to buy.

    I tried the seedling under the HID lamp with it 4+ feet away but after just 15 mins it started to wilt so i turned it back to the florescent. The HID is a 400W.

    the seedling is only 7 days old so far so I'm guessing my changes to the light and fan may make a difference and i will be able to grow from this seed, but you guys are the experts so thought I'd check what your views where first.


  2. another scottish member, your like the 6th one! welcome m8, sadly i have no idea about hydro.
  3. support it up w/ something, keep that flouro 2-4" away, & get a fan going. & lay off the nutes for a wk.
  4. Thanks for the Scottish welcome OhFuhQ, nice username :)

    jcj77d I guess I could use a lollypop stick to support it with some string round the bottom of the rockwool.

    My mate should be bringing down the new floro tube soon so I will mount that above the plant at that distance and see how that goes.

    I'll also try it with the no nutes for a week.

    Thanks for the help and the kind welcome.

    Would it help the plant to sit it in direct sunlight beside my window when its a cracking day like today?
  5. i do, when its really sunny out, i put my plants out to get the good ol sun light. you can use a peice of straw or paper clip, or toothpick.
  6. Get a pack of skewers from tesco mate, there about 3mm thick and 12 inch long, this shold support it throughout its growth and possition the light as stated 2-4 inch directly above the plant when straightened.
    The HID's no good for at least another 3-4 weeks.
    The fan will help a shit load, might just be me and i have no hydro experience but shouldnt the plant have neer enough no nutes? might just be soil/compost growing i don know :confused:

    Anyway pleasure to meet u, bout 300 miles from you (bit more local than most i suppose :D)

    Laterz :smoking:

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