With people paranoid about electricity use...

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  1. why is there no sticky that tells you how to calculate the number of solar panels you need to run x amts of lights? id imagine that for smaller grows, it might work, but the bigger ones, may(read: most assuredly are) too expensive

    then again what price would you pay for security from your power company using their "sluth" software and picking out your grows power usage?

    any comments ?

    after doing some resarch its about $1-$4 per watt of power. granted thats "expensive" for some of the serious 4k watt setups im seeing , but smaller ones could be affordable.

    not to mention it pays for itself. you dont pay for electricity you collect from the sun:hello:
  2. people have posted about solar panels before... I would be totally willing to follow a working design...

    so expensive for guess work... in the end this would be so much work.. and space for batteries and wires and roof space for panels...

    i thought about an outdoor shed... make the whole roof panels.. but with all the work it would need in the end.. its a brand new car... not to mention.. people will ask serious questions

    i have a neighbor who has a huge solar array that he's put over his windows to act as a light catcher and a light shield for his window... it looks so sweet i am dying to find out what he's doing with the power...

    If i stopped paying on my truck i could totally do this... but what a gamble with my shitty math...
  3. Solar is still insanely expensive.

    There also still is a big issue with solar for storing the power for later use -- batteries just aren't up to snuff yet (nor affordable).

    As for calculating the number of panels for a certain grow, that should be pretty easy to figure out without a post explaining the calculations (hmm, if each panel will generate 100 watts and my grow op is 500 watts, then how many panels will I need?).
  4. ah right power storage,forgot to account for that,very good point. I geuss tokers near river could go build a hydro electric plant:p

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