With LST how many times do I top?

Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by Obumpin, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. My plant has been topped and has grow about 8 nice new shoot. I recently did my 1st bend in LST and tied it down to expose them to the light. They all have moved towards the light but I want to know if I should top those new shoots once they grow a bit? Or will those new shoot become main colas from the LST light exposure?

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  2. Technically you don't need to top with lst. It's kind of up to you. Everyone has their own methods. I personally never top. I just continue to tie down new main colas so under growth will shoot up and create more.

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  3. Thanks man. I ended up topping a few shoots. Check out the progress.

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  4. Looks good! I found some strains are happy to be topped and loaded with N while others straight up tell you they dont want any pruning as they try hard to maintain single cola dominance

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  5. Yeah I don't top much either usually, figured I'd toss a pic on here to show him.

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  6. Yeah I top some strains that I have had good experience with but the LST was a first for me. Thanks I realized that LST will cause the new shoots to grow on its own with out topping.
  7. Wow those branchs were thick. I have realized that LST by itself will bring the shoots up. I actually ended up with double the amount of tops I wanted by accident
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