with a little help from my friends

Discussion in 'General' started by Chris VV, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. my friend danielle has been getting depressed lately. she told me she wanted to try smoking cigarettes. i revealed to her that i smoked weed, and i strongly recommended her to smoke weed rather than cigs. i explained how they were so much safer and would also help with her depression. i even said i could get some for her, cause i'd want to smoke with her sometime. but she's being really stubborn. any ideas?
  2. I have a feeling that most people that try to stop smoking cigarettes and replace it with weed won't be too successful. You have to want to quit the cigarettes and have a pretty good strategy.
  3. well, how is she being stubborn? almost all anti-weed BS can be refuted...especially in this case where she is wanting to try cigarrettes. Tell her that society just demonized it. Cigs are awfully addicting, and if her main goal is depression relief, i cant think of ANYTHING better than weed. She cant knock it til she trys it, but dont force it on her. 0 people died from weed(directly), but 400,000+ is a big number. I smoked cigs for the same reason and im still smoking...
  4. idk, she was saying how her boyfriend just stopped smoking weed, and he doesn't want her to do it now. whatever, i did manage to convince her to not smoke cigarettes at the very least, told her they'd kill her.

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