With a $15 trillion debt, can the US be salvaged?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by M3ssenger, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Oh Please......the zombies will kill us all before then.
  2. Yeah 2pac killuminati represent ***** we hit em up

  3. At least corporations hire people, poor people don't hire anyone.
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    US$ will become worthless like in developing countries with millions of their currency units to a dollar and the rich will get richer buying up everything.

    The US people can't be forced to pay half their income in "interest" for a bunch of pointless wars.
  5. Criticizes government welfare.

    Defends 65%+ of government welfare.

    Are you expecting people to take you seriously?
  6. Not only will there be no saving the current America, the politicans & the ruling elite don't want the current America saved.
    There working toward a one world bank & one world government.
    The collapse of America fits right into their plans.
    You can see it in the laws they're passing & the infrastructure their building.
    And how American's are responding to what they see.
  7. 15 trillion dollars is an imaginary number that symbolizes american greed

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