With a $15 trillion debt, can the US be salvaged?

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  1. I've heard that even with the 100% tax of every citizen, it will still take over 50 years to pay it off. With our $15 trillion debt, can our economy be saved, or are we just waiting for all the leaves to fall before calling it winter?

    When the US dollar is no longer the world's reserve, the price of gas and goods will rise and that will lead to an economic depression, or collapse.
    Can this country be saved economically?
  2. The current way of life has to do with a lot of this 'debt'. Sacrifice our futures for the present.

    but when the 'country' is in debt, who's in debt? do they expect to spend spend spend on retarded wars and think we will continue fronting the bill?
  3. Its 16 trillion bucks and rising by 10 K every second.
  4. I agree that we are sacrificing our future for the present. It's no way to run a country. China's probably laughing at our sinking ship.
  5. Yeah what can we truly do to save our country. QE just adds insult to injury. What do you think the Federal Reserve really has in mind bc they know QE is only a temporary fix. Someone respond.

    And is another depression inevitable?
  6. If the country ever gets out of this mess, I believe that it will be completely transformed greatly. Every aspect of life in America will be different. There is no saving the current America. The debt is growing exponentially and all they can hope to do is slow it down, but the current empty suits in congress would rather just fight over cuts that are drops in the ocean.

    Change is already happening in countries like Greece and Spain where the people have been pushed over the edge in anger over the government. These mass riots will eventually come over here.
  7. Yes, it's called repudiation.
  8. Any economy can be turned around and put on a sound course. The problem is that our current system benefits a select few, who then grease the palms of the politicians, who are now even more incentivized to keep the status quo going. So it will never be turned around by politicians or government. It will take a systemic failure before any real change is considered.

  9. but if the dam is cracking, how do we break it through?
  10. You wouldn't, as its inevitable.

  11. We don't. It's just a waiting game right now. With the Fed set to purchase nearly 100% of US bond issuances this year, it's safe to assume that the collapse will be soon. The Fed is committing economic suicide, it's only a matter of time now.
  12. Does mainstream media tell the public about what the Feds doing besides probably endorsing QE.
  13. Revolution will probably take place, before a country can be saved. It'll be like the wild Wild West all over again.

  14. It's entitlements that need to be addressed. Everyone has their hand out waiting for their government cheese.
  15. While I agree that a welfare state is mostly unsustainable without a wealth source, our welfare system is just a drop in the ocean compared to Corporate Welfare.
    Welfare Statistics: Government Spends More on Corporate Welfare Than..

    That's not even counting the hundreds of billions of dollars wasted in no bid contracts. Or the Military-Industrial Complex.

    You could pay the entire yearly welfare bill for nearly 100,000 households for the price of a single super carrier. The USS Ronald Reagan cost close to $5.5 billion!
  16. Short answer: No
    Long answer: Hell no

    For real though, the trillion dollar annual deficits, 16+ trillion dollar debt, 100+ trillion unfunded liabilities, the $1.75 (and growing) compliance cost of U.S. regulations, and QE infinite (to name a few) doesn't paint a very bright picture.

    Not sure how it will play out but someone is going to find out the 'can' can't be 'kicked' any further.

    Don't know who to attribute to this quote, "That which cannot mathematically continue, will not continue".
  17. the real question is should the us be saved?
  18. I think the people at the top who actually know what it going on know that we are waaaayyy past the point of no return and are just going along with this inflation and corruption because they know a collapse is inevitable but if they keep playing the same game they can push it off as long as possible until critical failure while getting even more rich along the way. If the ship is sinking and you are the only ones who pay attention then why not loot the fuck out of it nice and quietly?
  19. I have an idea, you guys may think it's crazy, but this method dug people out of a shit hole many times.....

    Lets go find the Dragon Balls! So then we can wish ourselves out of debt! Yay!
  20. The US is illumanati we aren't going anywhere

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