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    What the people want on an ongoing poll.

    Yahoo! News Ask America Mid-Term Elections Forum

    Go and vote (Find the topics on Marijuana first, they're GREEN, to get there click California), you don't even need to register on yahoo to do so, get everybody you know to do so, so that we can actually have a clear perspective on what the people want.

    Currently winning 54% to 46%!

    I think we got it this November!
  2. We still have till the 18th the register people to vote. The future is Green!!!!
  3. 95,095 votes and it's still 54% Yes to 46% No.

    With these sorts of numbers, Yahoo's poll SHOULD be the official web poll, and should accurately portray how November 2 should come out.
  4. Considering some if not most of the "polls" that get time on TV only cover about a couple thousand people, yes I believe that is one of the more accurate polls I've seen yet.

    Thanks for sharing, I voted haha.
  5. This is up to 66% of people in favor, but I think some people are confused by the Outweigh / Not Outweigh answers that you can choose, because some people are posting positive comments in the not outweigh portion.

    To be honest I was confused for about 5 seconds, and if I didn't take that time to think I may have selected the wrong choice.
  6. Thanks for the link to that....some of the anti crowds comments are pretty funny. "drugs are trouble" and shit like that...Weed always gets lumped in somehow
  7. Of course 40-60% are underage and cannot vote so we never will know till the day of voting..
  8. From a Cali resident that plans to vote No and makes no money off my little indoor grow under medical protection of Prop215 and SB420, I'm sad to see it passing. I personally think it's crap legislation that is a power grab by the gov't.

  9. Blah, blah, blah. I guess as long as you're covered you can afford to hold out for something better, yeah? If I get currently caught with weed where I live I will most likely be going to jail. You had better believe that if I lived in California I'd vote YES on Prop 19 if not for the fact that I don't want people like me going to PRISON for fucking smoking weed. It may not be anywhere near legislative perfection but I am all for its basic implications.

  10. power grab by the govt? last i checked our government didn't want to legalize marijuana..so wouldn't this be a power loss?
  11. I can feel your hardship and I am sorry, but all we can ask ourselves is "What IS the nature of weed? If it had a personality how would it react?" Maybe Bob Marley said it best "One Love, One Heart, Let's get together and feel all right."
  12. The basic premise of the Prop, yes I am for. I just think it's crap law. I don't know where you live, but I'm sorry that you are in such a predicament. I used to be, but I am fortunate to live in a state where I can legally medicate to alleviate my medical issues. I believe everyone should be able to partake, and that is one of the reasons I live in Cali. Actually, one of the ONLY reasons.
  13. No. There is power in legalization, taxation, fines, etc. Our gov't is for whichever setup either gives them more power, gets them more money, or both. I have LONG said that as soon as the gov't could figure out how to screw us even harder, we would see legalization.

    I rarely believe what our gov't feeds to us.
  14. I read this article that said 200-300% voting on yahoo are underage. :rolleyes:
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    You must have a MMJ card to help your insane selfish problem. There are a lot of "I's" in that paragraph. Prop 19 passing isn't about you or me, it's about the future and where it will take marijuana.

    News flash buddy. There are a LOT of people in California who would like to smoke MMJ but don't because they don't have a medical condition that would allow them to. Yea, they could easily get a card, but then they are abusing the system.

    If you cared the least bit about your fellow American's you would vote yes. This Proposition WILL help push for future legalization across the United States. California is the first to jump in and just like Prop 215 other states WILL follow. California is always the leader in change with this Country.

    You and every other No voter are crapping on change and are too selfish to see the greater good. I pity you and everyone of them.

    BTW! The govt didn't write prop 19. You better do your history before you go off spewing out bullshit. It's on the ballot this November because it gained enough attention and votes. There were 2 or 3 other marijuana propositions that didn't make it that wasn't written by the govt. just like prop 19.

    PROP 215: Medical

    Not everyone is willing to get a medical card just to smoke cannabis. Myself being one of them. IF I lived in California I wouldn't get one just to abuse the system.

    Currently everyone can't partake and enjoy marijuana unless they are willing to lie and pretend like they have a medical condition. How is that ok? Should every single person who wants to in Cali lie to get a MMJ card? How would that look for cannabis? Not very good.

    Oh, and before you or anyone else decides to start spewing out more lies like medical patients will have to grow within 25 sq ft limit like 19 says I have THIS for you.


    There isn't a soul in Cali that should be voting no, if they really understood the prop and what was going on they'd be all for it. Idiots, the misinformed, the uncaring, and the major dealers are the ones voting no.
  16. Sorry you feel like that and I won't turn this thread into a huge mess like I have seen them before. I have made my case in a couple of other threads and got flamed for the most part. I find it absolutely HILARIOUS that so many people judge, as you did, without even knowing me. Yes, I have a MMJ card, and yes, I am satisfied with the current system in place. I don't know where you are, cuz I didn't even bother, but my question is "What have you done in YOUR state?".

    And BTW, if you think the gov't has no part in getting it on the ballot, I think it is you that should take a gov't. civics, history or other class and take off the rose-colored glasses.:wave:
  17. BTW, before I am accused of abusing the system, I have cut my pharma scripts from 11 to 5 for my treatment of fibromyalgia, a displaced disc, and a bi-polar disorder.:D
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    What have I done in my state? I've written numerous politicians and officials about legalization of marijuana and even medical, guess what. There isn't a soul in South Carolina that is willing to come forward and say, yes you're right. Everyone has their own selfish agenda. It will be a long time before it's legal here. I can accept that. It really pisses me off to see people like you piss on someones yes vote because you are misinformed, or just too fucking stubborn to take the time to learn the facts first.

    I don't know you, I don't know your medical conditions, your wife's/girlfriends/boyfriends name or how many times a day you take a shit. But that doesn't matter. That doesn't change the fact that you can not give me one simple logical factual reason as to why you're voting no. I'd be willing to bet your answer to to that would be "I can but it's too long and I've said it before"

    The ignorance in this Country is truly appalling.
  19. I know the facts of my situation. If you see it as me shitting on someone else's vote....oh well. Stand opposed.

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