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With 4/20 almost over, what has everyone done today and still planning to do?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bigbagsofkush, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Just wondering what all you other blades did today for 4/20. Today I had fat bowls at 12am, 7am, 10am, 12pm, 1pm, 3pm, 4:20pm, and just downed a few shots of green dragon. Still have enough for two more bowls. Hope everyone else enjoyed their day as well:smoke:
  2. Well sadly I only smoked a fat joint before school.
    But today im meeting up with a few friends and going to have a session :smoke:
  3. Midnight to midnight, then taking a break until July! :(
  4. Smoked this morning, smokeing the rest tonight, thats my 4/20
  5. What? Almost over? It's just begun.
    420 is relatively almost over...

    For some of us haven't even started celebrating.
    It's gonna be a long 420 weekend.
  6. I worked this morning, took a nap, have yet to smoke but it's alright cus tonight's a party
  7. Worked out arms, chilled, just picked up some orange kush for a nice 420 smoke sesh :D

  8. It will be for me too once my goddamn hookup decides to come home.
    Who the hell doesn't wanna make a couple hundred dollar sale? I don't care what day it is, if a brother is dry on 420, you work with him!
  9. wake n bake then work till fuckin nine:mad: bullshit
  10. Trying to get 42 bowls in before midnight. Im at 29 last tally and about 17 grams in to it. Got a bit more work to do before 12 lol.
  11. My 420's starting a day late. Finished my last exam at uni today and I promised my self I wouldn't smoke till after so I dunno if I'll remember this weekend haha. Haven't smoked in 8 and a half months and I have a half oz of the stickiest Lemon Haze! Hope everyone's had fun :)
  12. Smoked a shit ton already. Ended up taking a huge bong rip.(Kief,Hash oil, Kief) on 4:20pm inbetween various green rips.. Hit up my LHS and picked up a new downstem so my bong can become complete,also some new papers i never used before.:) Its great, already took another 3 fat snaps after I got everything together.. Got a lil less than a half O to blaze on tonight, Got the sack on the table waiting to be packed up..:bongin: It is some stanky shit, So dank smelling... and a great high:hello:.. So today has been pretty damn successful, and I hope the same for all the other bladies out there..celebrating 4/20 :hippie:.
  13. Um... It's a 4/20 weekend for me. I'm fried off of smoking a quarter all day and eating four brownies... Tomorrow's going to be an interesting day.
  14. Mine just started a little bit ago had to work. But made a quick 40min. drive and got a quarter of orange dank for 50 bucks, split that with buddy so 25 for a eighth.

    Edit: So far a awesome 4/20 I'm pretty set right now. :smoking:
  15. I made a run after work and got some chips, some beer (non-alcoholic), and a quarter-o of some great weed. Plan to just plop in front of the TV and toke the night away. :smoke:
  16. #16 Ganja Bhai, Apr 21, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 22, 2012
    AMAZINGGGGG like it was so fuckoing amaizng bro im so fucking smacked still am, i been cyphing non stop the whole day, first an eigth in the morning with a couple of my boys wake n bake, and then 4 blunts throughtout the school day, then also robbed some kid off his eigth :smoke::smoking::smoking: He was fucking fake mofo he was acting like he was zoote dand he didnt even inhale or anthign and he was making up soome bullshti stories

    Discussions of thievery are not tolerated on GC - WW
  17. I have Two G's and nothing to smoke out of!!!!!
  18. ^Buy a Bong or buy some dutches :bongin::smoking:
  19. Here WERE my plans: Work, smoke a shit ton of weed while fishing until the Wings game. Then drink around the bonfire.

    Then it rained.....

    Instead, this is what happened: Work, fat bong bowl, pizza, fat bong bowl, Wings game started, fat bong bowl, second period started, fat bong bowl. Barely functioning right now.

    This post took me like 5 minutes to type, with 6,234 uses of the 'backspace' button.

    Happy 4/20, and GO WINGS!
  20. Sitting at a table at the Green Heart in Anderson. Having a nice time - especially since the nice edibles dude was generous! lol

    The gal next to me, Marsha, is gathering signatures to get the "Legal Like Wine" innititive (I know the spelling is wrong but the brownies have cut in and I don't care- and, yes I have a ride home!)

    Are all of you registered to vote? You cant vote for legalization if you aren't registered! Marsha had several people register who said that the LLW was the ONLY thing they planned to vote on!


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