Wishing there were parties with more races

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  1. We all know that there are still race issues in this world and what not, but I feel like I wish there were more parties with more races. Like you know when you are at a party and there is primarily one race there? Like you would have a lot of one race and few others and vice versa depending on the party. How about if there were many races at a party at one time. I think it would be cool since no one would feel like they would have to cling to a certain person/race and can just interact with different people. Also, adding some good old Mary Jane would make it even more epic and talking about world issues and life. 

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    I agree. Being white, going to all white parties with one black guy can be boring. It would be cool to talk to people who have a different perspective of the world and different cultural values.
    To make it more stereotypical, the black kid who was always at parties with my friends became a rapper. We always made him rap for us and he was really good.
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    The opposite happened to me last night. It was the first time I was at a party where everyone was white and I was the only black person... It did get boring after a while and after everyone played games for like an hour and a half it just went dead silent and I was like "Wtf is going on?" Everyone was so quiet.. haha. Then, we departed ways not long after that.

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